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  1. I posted finally. I should work on that hotel reply.
  2. Alexander smirked as he waved his hand making the chain reattach its self as his pants disappeared. Revealing his long, hard cock.
  3. Okay, at THIS point Ada is now open for interaction, be it flirting, or just regular conversation.
  4. "My mother is not an unethical angel. She's genuinely great." Anya smile faintly, she's gotten attached to that Alena since she's perfectly sane.
  5. "I miss my baby boy."
  6. "Well, whatever the girl the girl manage to grow up well and healthy so she should stay that way in her own universe."
  7. "Mmm.." Alena protest, terrified of his sudden burst of force as she instinctively bite down on him.
  8. "Yeah, me neither honestly but I've never tried to feed another baby before."
  9. This chat is really poppin' off huh?

    I'm Sombra, nice to meet you.
  10. "He has her Astorath... he breaks angels." Kunari looked terrified.