Hey! It another noob with noob-cake topped with noob-sause.......noob =)

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  1. As you tell, I am a noob. So when the site suggested I post here, I thought "Why not?". So what is going on everybody?
  2. Hi Rich. .) Glad you joined. LOL I have an RP Planning thread going on right now if you want to join it. For the moment, it's pitching out ideas before it hits the main forums.
  3. Sure, I will join in. If you have a link, I shall click it. =D
  4. Tank ya. Btw....do u love my signature or what? heheheheh
  5. Yeah I saw it, I always did love that banana man. XD
  6. Damn right you do. lol
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, RBK. I am the Knight that stalks the colder seasons, nice to meet ya! Looks like you already have friends here, that is a good thing. If you need anything feel free to ask.
  8. I need more friends. lol May you be able to spare some? =D In all serious though, thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it. I hope to add good flavor to rps in the future.
  9. While, I don't eat fellow humanoids...

    My yeti here does! :yeti:


    I mean, welcome!
  10. Hi there, newbie, and welcome to the flock. <3
    I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
    I heard down the grapevine that you were invited here by the lovely Jester?
    Anyway, I've seen you posting in General already and I hope that you're having a good time. Have you seen our Roleplay Resume? If not, you should fill it out and stick it in your profile to help us learn a little about your style!
    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  11. I --uh......well I do also like shoes, its as slippy as I was 18 years from fortnight. >.> lol thanks =) :bananaman:
  12. Nice to meet you, Kitti. =) Yes, she is a friend of mine from college (which I graduated monday). I actually filled that out last night when I joined. feel free to look at it. =D
  13. Hello friend of Jester! >:D I always love seeing people get kidnapped by friends... delicious kidnappings...
  14. I thought kidnappings were a bad thing? hehe =}