Hey, I'm Reina!

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Reina! A friend of mine recommended this site for me to roleplay since I had grown tired of noob roleplayers on infamous sites. Anyways, I'm not exactly sure what else to put on here so... g'bye.
  2. Hi there! Welcome tom Iwaku! :3 It's definitely a great board! Everyone here is super nice and there are plenty of great rps! =D
  3. just joined to just wanted to say hi
  4. ​Thanks to both of you for saying hi! :3
  5. Don't ask why, but I feel like I've seen you before on the site. Even though I apparently never posted here. I feel like I have. So now I'm confused. BUT ANYWAY...Welcome to the site, albeit I'm a bit late for the welcoming party. But...I brought cookies made out of tasty words? :D

    All my randomness aside...Enjoy your stay, Reina~
  6. Well, I've never been here before so it's not possible for you to know that I've been here before (which I have not). xD But thank you for the welcome! *Munches on virtual cookies*
  7. Hehe, perhaps it was a dream? I do sometimes get nifty dreams. But I normally don't remember them...Ah well. If it was but a dream, I still like it better than the man-eating purple, polka-dot ducks from when I was in grade school o.o;

    Hope you like the cookies :D
  8. *squints* Something is wrong when only newbies are saying hi to newbies. Anyways, Hi Reina we talked in chat!
  9. Don't worry, I will! :P

    Hello Frenchie, you already greeted me in chat. xD
  10. The names Hunter. French Hunter is just my Festival name. :P
  11. NOT ANYMORE. You are now being called Frenchie by me, AND ME ONLY.