Hey I'm really new to this.

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  1. Hey i am new to role playing on websites and i'm hoping some people can help me figure out how to get started. I really want to start some fantasy role plays but i'm not sure how to get it all started.
  2. Guten Tag! I'm pretty new to this site too, but I've been forum roleplaying for 5 years. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about online forum roleplays. If you're looking for one to check out, I have one based on the 9 Circles of Hell you can check out. It's linked in my signature below. Just click the red text that reads: THE 9TH CIRCLE.
  3. Well i guess what i want to ask is just how does it all work and i looked at the role play im a bit confused on the details and stuff
  4. Welcome! We have a wonderful roleplay academy if you want to further your skills!

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