Hey! I'm new

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  1. im new to roleplay, and i don't really know what to do!
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    Welcome to Iwaku!

    There's several places that you should stop by since you are new!

    The Iwaku Wiki is a great place to find out what Iwaku is all about and can be found Here.

    If you need help with writing the Roleplay Academy is the best place to go. There are a lot of workshops that can help you.

    If you want someone to mentor you there's always the Mentor Request Thread Look at the Mentor's strengths and weaknesses and request one of them, or just ask for a random one :)

    The Jump-In Roleplays are also great for new people!

    We should Roleplay sometime! See you around Iwaku :3
  3. Sup kid! Your just like how I was when I joined xD

    Anyways I started out with jump in RP's and if you go under tools you can subscribe to a thread alowing you to be notified when an RP you are following has a new post/posts. (Thought I would tell you this just because xD) also if you want help finding a new RP to join the just click on my name and send me a private message. I'll hook you up >=]
  4. Hello chocolate_mousse! You've made me..very very hungry, O_O.

    Welcome to Iwaku! Follow Lee-Lee's links and NorwayFOO's advice and I'm sure you'll do fine, :).