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Hi, my name is Gleeky~Cheeze. Well, that's my username. I'd prefer you'd call me Kiki though (Key-key).

I am a Semi-literate RPer at the moment and I am working on my skills. I am actually 10 Years old, turning 11 on the 1st of June.
But don't take me for granted. I am a wise on the laptop and I know not to get in your way. If you don't get in mine. =D

I love friends, Glee and Cheeze are my FAVOURITE subjects! Although I don't talk about it on the computer unless on a site about Glee or something like that.

I know many styles of RPing. Speed, Para, Descriptive and PP. Yes, Power Play can be a style of RP at times.
For example:

Mint: Growls and lunges at Egg, making him fall to the ground.

You see? If you lunge at some one, what's gonna happen? They will fall. =D

Don't be afraid to talk to me. I don't bite. Often...
He's new. Like, really new. Newer than I am.

*marches imperiously up to Gleek, handing him a rock, a paper towel, and a pen.*

*Plots evil things to retake his throne.*

Welcome to Iwaku. :D If they don't have the 13-years of age age limit anymore, I'd be ecstatic to show you around!

*bludgeon's krom with the daemonhammer*

Welcome to Iwaku, that's Krom...he's sort of the court jester for Iwaku.

I'm GMK, I smite heresy...nice to meet you.


Gleeky, I'll send you a PM right away.
Welcome to the Iwaku, I'm Pirogeth, or Piro for short. You'll find this place can be quite amusing, from the RP's everyone makes to the Newsletter that comes out every month. Enjoy the scenery and participate in the awesome. I like to browse through OOC's seeing what stories I can join. And I always love a challenge so don't hesitate to PM me or leave me a visitor message if you need help getting an RP running.

Writing in the Moonlight,

HEY :D And welcome to Iwaku <3

/huggles the newbie thats so young and cute/

Okay~ So you seem like an expert on types of roleplays, to me, so I'll just encourage you to check out the Roleplay Advertisement Wall to see if there's something you're interested that's currently open :)

OR you could start your own roleplay, here in Roleplay Oocs :D

And if you'd like to share your preferences, there's the Roleplay Resume so people have a chance to find you for their roleplays.

If you ever have any questions or need any help, let me or another staff member, know! We're always ready to help :)

Welcome to Iwaku! And I warn you not to feed anything that wiggles looks strange! ;]
Welcome to the site.
*Road Rage enters dragging a dead wyvern by its tail.*

Who's hungry?
D:< *stays on subject*

*Walks up to Gleek and shakes his hand professionally and pats him on the shoulder*

Iwaku is a fantastic board, full of interesting, mostly welcoming people.

[Everything I put in after that(i.g tips, advice, warnings) would probably be edited by captain doodieface TK. So I'll leave it at that.]

*thumbs up* :D

EDIT: I've been informed Captain Doodie is actually a civillian. So it's Par(var)ty Pooper.
youngmate, try not to tell everyone yur age. though i doubt Iwaku is unsafe, the internet is not just Iwaku.

I agree with WMD. Though we're not trying to insult your intelligence (because good God, kids your age are more internet savvy than I was when I was 10. . . But I also didn't have internet access til age 13 anyway). Like WMD says, Iwaku is most likely a safe place, but you just let the momma hens know if something ain't right and we'll come a runnin' and a squawkin' and a runnin'.


All that aside: Welcome! :D
Kiki! Well welcome to Iwaku I see many of the members have already introduced themselves, I think you'll work out great here!
As my per usual warning once you have enough posts and are able to access the Cbox be wary! That is where crazy was born...I'm serious!
Just hit up Sakura or whoever to help ya many of us are more then willing!

Until then see ya around!

~Tuxedo Mask

Reputedly a kind of meat. A tasty yellow beef, one might say.

*Hands Gleeky a large trout*

Hi Gleeky!!!

I just joined, so I'm new.

Just wondering, how many RPs have been started?
Hi Gleeky!!!

I just joined, so I'm new.

Just wondering, how many RPs have been started?

Welcome to the forum, HDM!
I suggest you start your own thread so that people can greet you properly. :)