Hey!I'm ew on here..

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  1. Just so that you know I am just new to this site and not Role playing .I'm looking for some people who will role play with me .I don't really care how you role play as long as it's not five words or less .I write in Paragraph form at at the least amount with have three sentences .
    So yeah ^3^
    Thanks for lookin~
  2. Ops I spelt new wrong ;A;
  3. Welcome to the site Linx!
  4. Thank's UwU I am glad to be here OwO lol *awkward turtle *
  5. Welcome to the site :D What genres are you interested in?
  6. Welcome to the site Linx! :D Have a great time!
  7. Thanks OuO and I live Romance , Action , SIfi
  8. Thanks owo lol
  9. Happy to help! Have a great time :D
  10. Ew.

    Heyo, you!
    I welcome thee!
    Enjoy the site.
  11. Your typo drew me in. XD Second funniest typo I've seen so far.

    Oh and welcome! OwO I'm new too.
  12. Hey, welcome to Iwaku
    I hope you have a great time
    Feel free to message me if you need anything​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.