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  1. Sooo... My name's Sebastian, I'm 17(18 in a few days from now), I've been doing tabletop roleplaying since I was 11/13(I don't quite remember...). Later I started with LARP and forum RPs, and I may have spent some time as a storyteller/moderator on a forum called Mizahar. Then I stopped with the whole forum thing, and I think it's been at least a year, because I felt like it was a little too serious for me to enjoy. Then, slowly, I came back to the idea of roleplaying over the internet again. Up until now I've survived on chat roleplay, but today is the day when things change.

    And today, Ninicorn informed me of this place. Iwaku seems a bit more casual, so I'm thinking I'll enjoy my stay here!

    I suppose some personal stuff, which has nothing to do with roleplay whatsoever but might impact how well we bond, doesn't hurt either. First of all, I'm gay. If you're a homophobe, you can go be afraid of my insane powers somewhere else(quick note: you don't have to put into consideration my sexuality when roleplaying. I'm just as terrible at loving girls as I am at loving boys... or whatever your character is). Secondly, I'm fond of alcohol. I'm also fond of Sherlock BBC, Homestuck, gaming, people with super powers, kittens, and other fun things. Oh, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

    I am, however, not very fond of hate and violence. So if I don't come across as hateful or barbaric enough, you'll just have to imagine, ok? On that note, if I ever write something and you find it offensive: it was not meant to offend you. It's either because I'm Norwegian and find odd ways to word things, or because written stuff is easily misunderstood. If you tell me about it, I'll probably feel twice as bad as you felt when you thought I was hating.

    I think that's all I have to say!

    Oh, and if you're curious about what music I listen to, I listen to weird music with weird videos, and you should probably never ask me again.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!

    Here, you can be your weird, fun self!

    We are all about fun and enjoying the art of writing.

    Also, I introduce to you the academy. You can get into some challenges and fun activities.

    You can also try your hand at a few challenges. Those are also great and fun to try out as well! ^_^

    I look forward to seeing your ideas and writings on the site.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask one of our staff and we will gladly assist you!
  3. Hey there, Emeedull! Welcome to Iwaku!

    You've got some years of experience, that's awesome!

    If you need anything, please look for me or another one of our staff members.