HEY. I put this in the community volunteer thing too, but LOOK DAMMIT.

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  1. This has been on my mind for a while!

    I've been wondering if there is a way to make it so that there is a button or a place you can go, to see ALL the role play adds at once- almost like how at the bottom of the front page of Iwaku, you see all of its associates. Like, perhaps some abilities so that you could narrow it down to only show adds for specific genres, or to show it all. ^.^ I LOVE looking at the adds, but right now, if I want to see all of them, the only thing I can thing to do is to just keep resetting pages so different ones will load. I know I'm weird, but I thought it might be useful- like if under the button for "role play add submission" there was a "See Roleplay Adds" button.
  2. Not without adding a lot of unnecessary work for Diana or a staffer. D: There's no auto-listing for them.
  3. D=

    Awwww, but I loves the banners and such, and the adds are usually so creative, and it's fun to see them pop up every other four pages, but I'd love to see more. ^.^ Is there anything that can be done to somewhat accomplish the job? Perhaps a kinda "history" button of what adds you've seen so far?

    No... that sounds like a lot of work too. T.T;;

  4. Not without a lot of built in coding work that no one is qualified to do. XD
  5. Isn't there some kinda of coding-shortcut that can be taken?
  6. If there was, I would have happily done it already and not spent a couple posts telling you that I am unable to do it. XD
  7. NO! YOU'RE LYING! >=o
  8. Why don't you just make a very plain HTML page and display the banners? You could manually update it or just have it list all the banners if you keep them in a folder.
  9. *Points back up the "Adding Unnecessary work to Diana or a Staffer" reply!* Everybody already has plenty of work to do without adding another page to remember to update. D: Having a pretty list of the banners isn't really a top priority, nor something we need to have.
  10. I'm thinking, guys, that means no.
  11. Once day.... Diana... one day...