Hey, how's it goin'?! :3

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  1. Hello, Hola, Konnichiwa! :smile:

    I have been searching for a decent roleplaying community for quite some time now & just happened along this site the other night. I've spent quite some time working on setting up my account & I've got to say that this place looks pretty legit! :3 I've just recently begun to surf the forums & it seems like I might be able to get relatively comfortable here. If anyone might be interested in chatting for a bit &/or roleplaying for a while, feel free to check out my profile & resumes. Forewarning: There is mature content.

    So, Iwaku... :bananaman: What's up?!
  2. Huh... Apparently, I have to make 6+ forum posts before I can send any PMs. o.O; Do my own posts in my own threads count? Hmmm... >.> Well, I guess it's time to go further surf the forums.
  3. Yes your own posts count towards 6! ^^

    Welcome to Iwaku Ani! Good to have you with us.
    This is a legit site..Legiter than Legitness. Pretty legit huh?

    IF you need anything, please come look for a staffy!
  4. Awesome! Will do! \(^.^)/ Thanks for the warm welcome!

    This place is already so much better than others! <3
  5. Welcome to the community Ani! I'm Iliana!

    Yes, what Juku said! You can easily get them out by posting to
    Board Games or things in General Chatting.

    Or you could be REALLY awesomesauce and do an exercise in the
    Academy to show off your mad crazy rping skills! >:D

    Whatever you do, make sure you have fun doing it! Or I'll cry a little on the inside! ;^;
  6. Oh hey there, newbie! Just wanted to point out that if you're looking to chat with some of us, you should try hitting up the CBOX link on the navigation bar. See ya there!
  7. Hello welcome to Iwaku.
  8. @Iliana: Thanks, Iliana! ^^ It's nice to meet you!

    Ah, General Chatting. I'ma still have to check that out. Ooh, I remember seeing a link to the Academy in the Newbies' Guide, but I have yet to check it out. I guess I should do that this weekend. :3 Oh, don't worry, I'm already having quite a bit of fun, simply receiving such friendly & helpful feedback!

    Thanks again! :D

    @Dawn: I've actually stopped by the Chat box thing a couple of nights ago & didn't get much of anything at all. :/ It said all the chats had been closed, due to inactivity, or something like that. O.o; Maybe I wasn't actually in the right place, or maybe it was just the wrong time.

    Lmao! xD I love your signature pic! It's all random & awesome! <3

    @Ruikio: Thank you! ^^ lol I like your signature pic, too! :3
  9. Welcome to Iwaku, Eimi! I just met you in C-box... sorta. Maybe we'll get to actually exchange more than two lines soon.

    Glad to see you've been having fun so far. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask, alright?

    See you around!
  10. [MENTION=1332]Hirohashi[/MENTION] :D Thanks for the warm welcome! And, hi! ^//^ I'm flattered that you remembered me!
    I definitely won't hesitate to ask for any help! Thanks so very much! I greatly appreciate it! <3
  11. Welcome to Iwaku, Ani. My name is Tenchi and it's pleasure to have you.
  12. [MENTION=808]Tenchi-Roku[/MENTION]: Hi, Tenchi! :D Nice to meet you! Thanks for the warm welcome!
  13. Hi hello! Wow that is a detailed resume you've got there.

    I... I almost feel like I need to go make mine nice and detailed like yours, because, it's kind of amazing.
  14. [MENTION=2339]Melia[/MENTION]: Hi, hi! ^//^; Yeah, I often get caught up in the details of things,
    especially when having to answer questions about myself &/or my interests. lol

    D: Oh, no, no... I wouldn't want you to think your resume is lacking!
    But if you absolutely feel the need to expand it, then by all means do so! :D
    Any opportunity to write more & expand on previous ideas is a good learning experience! <3

    ^//^ ...But either way, I'm flattered! I actually thought it might be kind of intimidating. :D You really think it's amazing?