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  1. I usually go by the nickname of Devil, but I don't mind alterations~
    I've been Roleplaying for a while now, and it's really fun! I don't get to Roleplay much because I literally only have one roleplay partner, so I decided to join this site! I've been in a forum once before, but never really posted in one, so this is all too new.
    I think I'm alright with both group Rps and one on ones. I don't mind group ones, I've done a bit of that before in somewhat of a different setting. I do like one on ones a bit more though since I can go in deeper with the story! I like plot.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku! You'll find lots of people to rp with here.

  3. Thank you! I hope so too. Everyone around here seems pretty nice, and I can't wait to RP with them 8D
  4. Hello! Thnks for following me! I saw you were looking at one of my threads: are you into mature stuff?
  5. My pleasure! I was just checking out your writing style! Also I don't really mind it, but I don't think I'm very good at playing it out.
  6. So what types are you really inot then?
  7. You mean what types of mature RP? Well I usually just like there to be some sort of attraction between the two people, wouldn't mind S/M too.
  8. What is S/M?
  9. Ah, it's Sadism/Masochism. Kind of a power play, I guess?
  10. You mean BSDM?
  11. Uhhuh! The I guess BDSM as a whole is pretty okay.
  12. Well is that an rp you want to particualry do or is there a non-mature one you'd be interested in? I'm open to all except supernatural.
  13. Hmm...Well, I could go for something that involves assassins set around the middle ages, or maybe just romance set in school? What do you like?
  14. Roamce set in school is something I enjoy!
  15. Hehe, nice! Then we could RP something fluffy like that, if you'd like! 8D
  16. I'm into this! And we can always add in the fantasy and such later on! PM me if you're ready to discuss a plot!
  17. Hiiii Devil! 8D Welcome to the community! Hope to see you playings soon!
  18. Hehe, hello! Thanks a lot, I'll do my best~ 8D
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