HEY. Hi. I'm new.

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  1. WELL. I'm Nadia, or Captain Nadikip.
    As to why I chose that name...
    It's my Deviant Art user name too, so if any of you guys are on there too, I'm there. oUo My whole gallery is drawings though, I never wrote anything in there.

    So actually, I've tried to role play before, but I was too flustered and nervous to stay in character, so I'm going to try again. *coughcough that was 2 days ago cough*

    (So please excuse if I'm really awkward here, I'm really not always this boring. I swear.)

    I would like if I could get into a group role play if any or open, BUT NOT ONLY THAT. I would also like to meet fun people easy to joke around with.
    I got into role playing because i had all these characters, and I thought: "Well other people must have characters too, what if there was a way for two characters to meet and..Start a story?"

    guess you could say my hobby is watching anime, but I can only remember a few heh heh.. (Black Butler, Hellsing, and Death Note.)

    Well, I'm just drabbling now. SO UH, I hope we can be friends.

    Thank you.:kawaii:
  2. Welcome Captain Nadikip! I am definitely going to have to go and creep on your DA to see what you draw. Don't worry about being new to roleplaying Iwaku is open to everyone from the beginner to the grizzled veterans. In fact of all the places I have been I think Iwaku has the best people and is the kindest to new people so you are in great luck! There is even a roleplay academy so if you ever are looking for help or confused on what to do you can seek help there or just ask someone.

    If you are looking to hangout with people you should hop into the chatbox, you will meet a lot of people that way. As well there are many different roleplays around here whether you are looking for a specific genre, group or one on one.

    Anyways enjoy your new home, and of course I will be your friend!
  3. Thank you so much!

    I'll be sure to check out the chatroom! ^^
  4. Hey there Nadia! I am currently stalking your DeviantArt and you have yourself a new Watcher!

    Anyway, welcome to Iwaku! Like Super Cat said, the community's open to everyone from the newbies to grizzled old veterans. Anyway, if you'd like to meet fun and creative people, you've come to the right place! Everyone's just awesome and willing to RP and just be friendly over all. If you have any questions, ask away!

    If you need help getting started, visit the Roleplay Academy, or if you need a good simple RP to start off with that doesn't require too much effort, visit the Jump-In Roleplays section. Finally, if you need a place to hang out and be chill and weird with everyone else, visit the chatbox!

    Again, welcome to Iwaku and I hope you enjoy your stay! :D
  5. Nadia, you're simply adorable. Lol

    Don't worry, most people get nervous and flustered at the beginning. I know I was and even to this day, I still cringe from time to time over my writing but who really doesn't? <___<

    Anywho, welcome to Iwaku! You should check out our Creative Challenges forum if you want some extra practice with no pressure. It's just where you can post your own writtings for character, setting or plot based on what the author posts. It's pretty fun, :).

    I hope to chat with you in the cbox soon and enjoy your stay!
  6. Thanks Cosmos! ;u;

    I'm glad there's a place to practice!
  7. Not a problem dear, :). Enjoy yourself!
  8. Welcome, I respect your artistic abilities...sadly I am only limited to poetry and music Lol.

    I won't fawn over you like my buddy here...If you ever find yourself in need of a cyber punk or fantasy roleplay please do not hesitate to check out my blog section or spam me to death.
  9. Welcome! Don't worry about being new. I joined this sight with little experience in RPing and fit in no problem... <.< is awkward too xD

    ... actually it took me 3 days after I joined Iwaku to join my first RP... I hope your not as bad as that xD... Also you can join RPs even if thay are started! ... yes thats why it took me 3 days to join one v.v lol
  10. welcome to the big ol' family!! hope you have tons of fun and if you ever have any questions, don't be afraid to ask~ Everyone is very nice and friendly!