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  1. I'm Aviator, my friends call me Avi. Actually, they don't but hey this is a different place so maybe you can start..?

    To be clear, I don't fly planes but I do look good in the sunglasses, so while I may not be able to smuggle you in or out of a country, I can look slammin' in shades. Anyways, I'm not new to roleplaying by any means. Feel free to hit me up for a one to one any day of the week.

    Outside of the computer, I still write a lot. I'm good at short stories, and am actually working on my first book! Might not end up being as great as anticipated but even the greats had to start somewhere.

    So that's me in a nutshell, kind of.
  2. I've written a book, gosh they are ANNOYING! It's difficult to figure out where to stop and start isn't it?
  3. Very. I've got a wonderful plot idea though, so perhaps it won't be so bad in the long run. Currently fleshing out my main characters.. I've decided to do 5 of them and possibly bounce around the perspectives.
  4. My issue is not going off on side storiesm
  5. That can be difficult as well. Thankfully I'm actually partnering up on this book with my best friend, so I think I may be kept on track a little more.
  6. Hi there Avi! :D we're happy to have you with us! Welcome to the communityyyy
  7. Thank you!
  8. Welcome Avi, though I am disappointed you can't smuggle me anywhere on a plane... I had plans that needed such! I suppose your ability to look slammin' in shades makes up for it though!

    There have been times where I thought maybe I could write a book. My brain fills with epic ideas and then I get ready to write or type and my brain goes 'lol nope!' hahaha
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.