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  1. If you clicked on this, obviously I am exciting enough for you(no idea how). My name is Tabitha, or CasDesDean if you couldn't tell. Yes, I use that username for everything if you were wondering. It is my icon, along with toasters.

    Okay, first things first. I'm seventeen and live in the USA(big surprise huh?). I tend to stay home or at the beach and avoid people all together. I run a WattPad account and I write fanfiction as if I have no life(I'm writing fifteen stories at once for Chuck's sakes. It's ridiculous). So, if I take a while to respond, it's probably because I'm writing a chapter for one of my stories(or doing a ridiculous amount of chores and cleaning as usual) and I should be on within the next hour.

    Onto rping, I'm a very passive and agreeable person. If you want to do something, I'll probably do it even if I have no idea what to do in the situation. So, if you don't mind teaching someone something, I'll try anything once(except for furries). I adapt to anyone's writing style and length to the best extent I can.

    I tend to like one-on-one roleplays, but groups does have their pros, especially for certain plots. I'll do either, so if you're interested, you know where to find me.
  2. -squints-

    I suspect a Supernatural reference here..

    -spots another one-



    Ahem. Anyway..

    Welcome to Iwaku!

    We have lots of things for you to look at and enjoy. We have sections for both Groups and 1x1s, and both sections have a lot of requests/openings! Feel free to check them out! If you don't see one you like, just make your own thread and you'll likely find a partner. That's a perk of being on such a large site! There's more I could go on about but I will simply leave you with this:

  3. Welcome to the site, CasDeDean! I hope you enjoy the site. There are many, many, many great One on One roleplayers bursting with ideas, if you head over to the One on One Roleplays forum and check out the partner requests, I'm sure you'll find an idea you'd like to pursue. Also, if you have any of your WattPad writings you want to share with the members of Iwaku, head to the Museum of Creative Arts board and post your writings there! If you're ever bored of roleplaying, you can head over to the Cbox and/or General Chatting! Hope to see you around the site and if you ever have any question, be sure to ask anyone on Iwaku as we're all lovely people!
  4. Thank you for welcoming me! I might just head to the onexone right now! And to Everly, I like you already XD
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