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  1. I'm looking for partners for One X One RPs.

    I like to do all my RPs in the Group section (It's easier and neater) so that we can post pictures of our characters, their homes, their pets etc... And this way, my inbox won't get blown up because there can be a thread for OOCC.

    I predominately like playing a submissive character, however I will play the occasional dominant person (typically in lesbian situations,)

    These are all "romance" situations however they don't need to be Libertine. Typically I prefer brief/vague description that fades to black but I can do explicit.

    I also like to have a purpose. Just falling in love isn't my thing. I prefer it to be the main thing but also with a side of action, fantasy, mystery or Sci-Fi.

    These are separated into categories and coded for your convenience. I hope you'll contact me if you are interested, as the group RPs are becoming a bit much for me. The character I would prefer to play is in bold, if I'm indifferent to playing either choice, both will be plain, and if it is an RP I really, really want to do, it is in green. If you like an idea but would rather play the option in bold, let me know because I might be alright with switching.
    • Apollo/Aphrodite
    • Apollo/Daphnae
    • Hades/Persephone
    • Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf​


    Alice in Wonderland-​
    • Alice/Hatter​
    • OC-Girl (Alice's Daughter)/OC-Guy (Hatter's Son)​
    • OC-Girl (Hatter's Daughter)/OC-Guy (Alice's Son)

    Harry Potter-​
    • Remus/OC-Girl
    • Sirius/OC-Girl (Muggle)
    • Sirius/OC-Girl (Voldemort's Daughter)

    Mean Girls-​
    • Cady Harris/Regina George​
    • Gretchen Weiners/Regina George

    Peter Pan-​
    • Hook/Wendy
    • Peter Pan/OC-Girl (Hook's Daughter)

    Sin City-​
    • Detective John Hartigan/OC-Girl
    • Marv/OC-Girl
    • Nancy Callahan/Detective John Hartigan​

    T.V. SHOWS:

    Criminal Minds-​
    • Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid​
    • Derek Morgan/OC-Girl (Reid's Sister)
    • Spencer Reid/OC-Girl

    • Claire Bennett/Elle Bishop​
    • Claire Bennett/Gretchen Berg​
    • Claire Bennett/Peter Petrelli
    • Gabriel Gray/Elle Bishop

    Law & Order: SVU-​
    • Elliot Stabler/OC-Girl

    Once Upon A Time-​
    • Hook/OC-Girl (Peter's Sister)
    • Peter Pan/OC-Girl (Hook's Daughter)


    • Alien/Nurse (Male)
    • Angel/Demon
    • Angel Guy/Human Girl
    • Angel/Mermaid
    • Business Tycoon/Sex Slave *Libertine
    • Demon Guy/Human Girl
    • Experiment/Scientist (or Intern)
    • Ghost Girl/Human Guy
    • Ghost Guy/Human Girl
    • Human Slave/Vampire Princess
    • King of Thieves/Princess
    • Knight/Princess
    • Knight/Servant
    • Modern Guy/Nymph
    • Native American Warrior/Settler (or Slave) Girl
    • Nurse/Patient's Son
    • Pharaoh (or Heir)/Slave Girl
    • Slave Girl/Viking Warrior (or Chief/Heir)

    My 2 year old daughter and I have both been in and out of the hospital lately (she with bronchitis and the flu and I with blood clotting disorder) so that, on top of working full time, means I'll probably post no more tan 3 or 4 times a day, sometimes not at all. I will send you a message if I'll be away for more than a day or two.​
  2. King of thieves/princess and modern guy/nymph sound amazing.
    Are you looking for 18+ only or will you allow a 17 year old to write with you?
    Also I wish you luck with your daughter and yourself, that must be pretty tough.
  3. I only do Libertine with 18+ but I prefer brief/vague description then fade to black if their romance get's that far. So I'm totally ok with 17. I just turned 18 myself. And thank you, I think she's out of the woods. She's been eating a lot of jello and ice-cream to sooth her throat.
  4. I don't even know what libertine is haha, I only joined the site the other day so I'm trying to get the hang of things. But I will totally do those two things I mentioned with you.
    I hope she gets better soon ;A;
  5. OH! Libertine is like explicit sexual "he put this there and she moaned in ecstasy" kind of stuff. and do you have a preference for one or the other? or would you like to do both?
  6. Oh I was wondering, they didn't have very good explanations or I didn't look hard enough.
    Both would be totally cool, though I'm leaning more onto the prince of thieves/princess.
  7. Okey dokey I'll get the Prince of Thieves and Princess started. and if you like how I do it then we can do the nymph one too
  8. And you're ok with being the King of Thieves right?
  9. Totally, I was gonna ask actually XD
  10. hey are you not interested in doing the RP anymore?
  11. Would you be interested in a storyline like...
    Stripper XDepressive/Clumsy guy.
    Drug Dealer XInnocent girl in a good rich family.
    A modern type Romeo&Juliet
    Demon Halfling X Angel Halfing
    Any types of DemiGod from Olympus stuff
  12. demon Halfling/angel Halfling or the demi god one would be cool :)
  13. Hmm ok then!

    Im more use to the demi god one! But you get to choose which you prefer :)
    Can I play the boy?
  14. the angel/demon one sounds more fun but if you prefer the demi god one I'm cool with that :) and yeah you can be the boy, I prefer playing the girl. Are we doing child of one god and one human or god of two gods?
  15. human!!

    euh.... I dont mind doing both if you want. I feel like trying the angel/demon one,
    lets talk about it in PM :)
  16. Ooooh!!! So many interesting topics!!! XD

    I am quite interested in the Hades/Persephone and KingofThieves/Princess roleplays!
  17. Yeah? Do You want to do both or just one?
  18. I'd be down for a good old twisted fairy-tale of Little Red/Wolf. Preferably not based on that movie that was pretty much Twilight without sparkly vampires though :>. I don't have any concrete ideas on hand, but I have few I could throw out there.
  19. I'm totally down for the angel and demon pairing along with the knight and princess pairing in the original section. I'm totally cool with these being girl x girl, if you aren't exactly comfortable with playing the dominant character in a boy x girl situation. (:
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