Hey guys! negima342 just saying HI and that I'm new here

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  1. Hey guys I'm negima342 I'd rather be called tristangb2 and as you can guess I'm new here. I joined since the other place I rp'ed at started dying and I would like to rp some more. I have 2 OC's so far and I'm thinking of a third one and it's really nice to meet all of you :)
  2. Welcome to iwaku :3 I'm bad with numbers so I simply call you white knight x3
    Hope you find a lot of good roleplays :)
  3. Ideas are rolling and you just got here, that's excellent news!

    Welcome to Iwaku, Negima!
    I hope you enjoy your time here on Iwaku, and I'll be here to help if you have any questions..So just look for me or another staff member.
  4. thanks for the warm welcome guys and yeah I'm glad to meet all of you. looks like there's a lot of stuff to do around here, here's to having some awesome times
  5. Welcome. I am new as well. Welcome to Iwaku