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  1. no
  2. #Triggered
  3. that's too good
  4. How about a thread called "Modern Day Miracles" where we talk about how God and the Holy Spirit have worked in our lives?
  5. <(^.^)>
  6. Yeah I'll be up for it
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  7. [​IMG]
    The Nation's Newspaper

    Strange Anomaly Has Experts Baffled
    Today at exactly noon GMT, timepieces all over the world stopped for a full minute. Not only that, it appears from preliminary reports, that everything and everyone stopped as well. People report a strange paralysis in which they were aware of the world around them but were unable to move. Religions and cults across the world are heralding this as the start of the end times or some apocalyptic event, and financial markets worldwide are in an uproar, with both the FTSE and the DAX halting trading for the day while the futures markets for the NYSE, NASDAQ, TSE, and SEHK are all wildly volatile.

    Experts in Astronomy and Physics are baffled, so some are turning to other explanations - either some sort of divine intervention or, strangely... Magic. Special divisions of SHIELD and other international organizations focused on such things are working diligently on an explanation.

    More as this develops.​
  8. John appeared next to kunari as he looked over evelyn also worried
  9. I thought I sent you a bear hug...

    Do you need another?
  10. "I'm seeing a beautiful friendship in the future." Astorath patted Melody's head.
  11. I would hope that this is just hibernation right now, I'm keeping a watch on this thread, but I'm not sure if it's going anywhere for a while...
  12. I have only played like one anime protagonist in the entirety of Murder. I would think that I'd play a lot more.

    Nighty tighty
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  13. "I think she is." Harmony snuggle Melody tightly.
  14. Astrath held his hand out to Melody. "Bite me, you'll feel better."
  15. What did you need help with? Like what kind of campaign is it?
  16. "Killing is what we do, rape is held to a higher standard."