Hey, friend!

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  1. WARNING!! Those that usually call a stranger friend are usually not friendly, be careful of creepers, kids!

    Hey you!
    Yeah, you on the other side of the screen!
    Some digital bunny told me to introduce myself so you better listen!

    Here we go, hello~! I'm Heart, and I'm a girl in my early twenties who enjoy learning new things, interesting tales, fun games and great manga and anime! I live in the northern hemisphere of this planet, yeah, it's a very telling location and I am expecting you at my door any minute now! Anyways, I like to make stuff up while listening to music, and video games are a great inspiration for me. I'm not much for TV, and have never even seen Lost or Game of Thrones, so TV addicts won't find a good soul mate in me, sorry :(!

    I enjoy vintage things, though I would never buy anything of the sort for myself, as well as the occasional old ballad and post WWII love songs. Most of the time however I'm into any type of rock beside screamo, and enjoy any type of tale that won't make me feel dirty or that I am breaking every law under this side of the pond, so do talk to me about your plot, and I may even add to it, okay?

    That's it for now, good night!
  2. Haaalloooo Heart! :D Welcome to the community!
  3. Thank you, and somehow your hawk avi is so cute~!
  4. Hello Heart, and welcome to Iwaku. If you're looking for someone to RP with, I would be honored to volunteer. Other than that, enjoy the site! Heaven knows I do. :)
  5. Thanks, why don't you PM me and we'll see what we can do? :)
  6. Greetings heart lol you have reminded me of a song.

    beware the friendly stranger, I first heard this song in salad fingers, later to learn about boards of Canada. It's quite short and creepy 0.0

    Pleasure to meet you, Mine. Welcome to Iwaku :)
  7. Wow, it IS creepy O.o!
    Nice to meet you too!
  8. Oh my.. Oh my! ~

    Fu fu Fu..* rubs hands together smirking*. A girl coming from the other side of the planet .. He be

    Welcome Little Heart to this forum. Awesome place to be. * finds some handcuffs ready to handcuff you anytime* so You'll never leave ..

    Do please enjoy your stay .;) you can call me Kor ^^ and if you're interested you could join me in few RP's. I'll pm you later.

    Take care for now ..* giggles as I close the door and vanish into the Darkness, before tripping over a bucket and make a loud noise* Stuuuuupid!

    Pardon me... I'll go now! Bye ~~
  9. Have... fun?

  10. Strange. Behaviour lol xD. Pardon my rudeness..

    Do enjoy your time here and hopefully be part of many interesting stories.
  11. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  12. Welcome, Mine Heart. Your introduction is certainly the most unique I have ever read. You'll definitely find what you're looking for in Iwaku. I might even try to collaborate with you.