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Corrective Lenses?

  1. Yes, glasses

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  2. Yes, contacts

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  3. Nope!

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  1. Do you wear glasses or contacts? How blind are you? Can you see up close but not far away? The opposite? Will you show us your funky frames?

    I've had a strong prescription since I was seven or eight. I remember when I first wore them I was amazed; I thought my blur was normal! I still have a very strong prescription; my hand is a blur at arms length. My frames are bent and old, my prescription is probably out of date, too. Unfortunately glasses aren't covered under my medical.
  2. Supposed to wear some heavy duty glasses but after a three year old broke some $200 lens (including the frames) I'd have to make do with large print books and a zoomed in computer screen until I get new ones.
  3. I have been nearsighted for a while, also was told I have a slight astigmatism in my left eye and pretty sure I also have a slight lazy eye in my left eye...always the left -__-

    Anyways, I pretty much see blur without my glasses. If I hold my arm out I can't see it clearly until it's about a foot from my face. If I'm reading without glasses even closer. I've come to accept my nearsightedness.

    Wore glasses initially, then decided to try out contacts, but my eyes kept drying out and getting itchy. So I ditched contacts and went back to my good ol eye glasses :) Just got a new pair earlier this year. My glasses are just a part of me ^^
  4. I am at a -7....I wear both glasses and contacts. I wear glasses on dim days, rainy snowy etc....but I wear contacts when it's sunny because I can't stand sunlight. But you may not see them. I have a very gross face right now. Maybe If I do my makeup one of these days I'll let y'all see my awesome frames.
  5. My eyes are weird and self correcting. The left is slightly far sighted, the right is slightly near. I've seen optometrists a bunch of times for it, because I'm pretty sure the self correcting strain is why I get headaches so often, but most seem to think that if my eyes correct each other, then it's all good.
  6. My sight is serviceable, as long as you don't ask me to read without glasses. I used to have contacts, but I've worn glasses for a couple years now. Sorta because eh... Mono wasn't a good match with contacts and I've never really switched back.
  7. You look perfectly good there!

    I'm in a similar position; being shortsighted (but not absolutely terribly); I can make out objects at a distance, but they are fuzzy and reading distant writing is moreorless impossible beyond a metre if it's say; size 30 font. To see font of the size I'm typing I have to be within 10 inches (about 25.5cm I believe).

    Also, my right eye is far worse; some right retard of a kid chucked a pencil at me (freshly sharpened of course) about 8 years back and I happened to not be wearing my glasses as I was playing football at the time; removing it was...fun...it took the Doctors 3 days to extract all the graphite. Apparently if the pencil had hit 0.4mm closer to my pupil I'd be permanently completely blind in my right eye; as it is I think it's two levels of vision below my left eye. So yeah, fun times.

    I plan on getting my eyes laser-treated in a few years; I mostly don't even notice my glasses anymore but I'd like to not have to wear them; I look a fair bit better without and I can't wear contacts as my eyelids don't open far enough to put them in; I'd love to be able to do more sports and such and not have to worry about glasses breaking or having to put them on and off all the time as well.
  8. I wear glasses, crappy ones. It is hard for me to see far away but up close I can't bother wearing them.
  9. I have terrible eyes, but unfortunately there are no options in your poll for both glasses and contacts. My left eye is majorly different from my right, I also have that line thing you are supposed to have on your glasses meaning like I see differently up and down too? They took it away and said I didn't need it because it was like melded together or something, I don't remember. Anyway my contact prescription is a lot better than my glasses prescription so I prefer wearing my contacts but I also wear a lot of makeup which makes for cleaning my lenses harder. Also I always have to know which is right and left in contacts because if I mess them up I also mess up my sight.
  10. I think the word you're looking for is 'Bifocals!'
  11. I've had glasses since a little before kindergarten when I was five. I'm thirty now and I can't recall a memory in which I don't have them on. One of my eyes is far sighted, the other near. To combat this I practiced looking at things with them off to attempt t strengthen my eyes, which I think worked since my eye doctor was always surprised at how the degradation of my sight was not as advanced as they had thought it would be. I also make sure, even now, to remember people's voices and body movement. I memorize how people walk or grab things, how they hold themselves. I also do this with a lot of every day stuff. So that if I ever lose them for any length of time, I am not crippled by it.
  12. I must wear glasses, I wouldn't be able to put in stuff in my eyes. My eye doctor had a really hard time just giving me eye drops when I were a kid. A plastic (or whatever it is) thing would never work xD I start blinking as hell as fast as something gets too close to my eyes. I would get too scared of it poking a hole on my eye or something haha

    I don't have such bad eyesight so I can't see when I take my glasses off. I can see, but things with light colors or similar colors blend in together and I can't see what they are. Faces disappears if they aren't at least 15-20 cm close (haven't actually measured it, but I think that's about the length.) And I can't read anything if it's not up in my face. Depending on how I want to read my books, I either must have glasses or can take them off. If I feel like holding it up, then glasses off. If I want to have it on my lap or on a table, glasses on. And of course, it's impossible to watch a movie or even write on my computer without glasses. I can't see the text on the screen even though it's a bit less than an arm length away. (That's probably what's killing my eyes *innocent whistling*) I usually take a walk without glasses on when it's snowing or raining (too lazy for umbrellas), it's just annoying when they get covered with water or snow. The only bothersome thing without them are that I can't see peoples faces. I could walk past my best friend without knowing it. She would probably poke me if that happened though xD

    My right eye is worse than my left. My left eye can somewhat make out what different things that blurs together should be, and it has an easier time seeing (bigger) texts. My right eye just pushes everything together into such a mess that nothing is recognizable. So I have two different strength on the glass.
  13. Yes that's it! Haha, I also have some astigmatism as well, ironically I just went to the eye doctors yesterday to check my prescription :P
  14. I have glasses. Though I only need them to drive... (though it's not on my driver's license. Because I forgot my glasses when I went to get it renewed and I am apparently very good at distinguishing blurs.) and to see things far away. I originally got them so I could read the white board at college without squinting. My prescription is slight so I take them off a lot and work without them so my eyes don't become completely dependent upon glasses. Though chances are in a few years I'll need to get a new prescription because both my parents have terrible eyes. Hooray for genetics.
  15. I used to use contacts

    Then when I started getting up super early for work, I said screw it and wore glasses for convenience

    Though according to female companions, I look better with contacts

    Also, my fellow MMA buddies think its crazy hardcore that I can fight, hold my own, and win without glasses/contacts

    (I'm legally blind without them; I just see a bunch of blurry things)

    The secret? I'm like a T Rex from Jurassic Park. My vision is based on movement!
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