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Hey guys, I'm Kohaku Ryuu, or alex, Ryuu, etc. Was looking around for a decent site to start back up on, and this site caught my eye. I haven't RPed in about a year or so, but I have about three years active experience in ALL forums of RP. I really do enjoy it, and recently acquired some extra time to dedicate to my passion again. Themes that I enjoy are fantasy, slice of life, ecchi, action, mature/ sexual, funny/comic, supernatural, and a large selection of others. I'm always willing to give something a try once or twice, even if I think I won't like it. I tend to try and put a moderate amount of detail into my posts, but not write a 13 paragraph response. as for characters, I've played both men and women, kids, men around 40 or so, fantasy races, and a few custom creations of my own. For mature, I have no issue with playing anything except the obvious menxmen, and over-the-top fetishes. any setting and or reality are fine with me, so long as it's not so crazy that it detracts from the story. Other than that, i'm a 20 year old male, USA born and raised, easy to get along with person, and I really hope to make some friends, write in some amazing Roleplays, and make some new friends. Pleasure meeting everyone, and Merry Christmas, Kohaku Ryuu
So. You're an Amber Dragon. Interesting, very interesting.

Enjoy your time with us, don't feed Vay, and look out for the wild GMKs.
lol, ty, I'll keep that about Vay in mind. and yes, I have claws, breath fire, and am a beautiful amber. The whole nine yards. :)
Welcome guy-i-just-met-in-the-Cbox! I'm Iliana and it's great to have you!

Such a very detailed intro! You must be a jack of all trades! Well, you shouldn't have NO problem navigating around these parts!

But, if you do have questions, let me know! :D
Thanks! and if I have questions, you will be the first to know...unless, you happen to not be on. Then some other staff member will have to do.

I love dragons. :D I, myself, am not a dragon. Nor am I a cat. But I do love dragons!

Welcome to the community! ><3