Hey Everyone!

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  1. You guessed it. Just got here, and everything looks great, amazing, and totally cool. Here's the survey if anyone's actually reading this.


    What do you prefer to be called?


    Boy, girl, or a mystery?


    How old are you?

    Old enough. ;)

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?

    New to Iwaku, but I've done some roleplaying on tumblr, and other websites as well! I wouldn't say I'm super experienced though, but I do have at least 2 years on me.

    Do you like group Roleplays or just a single partner?

    Group roleplays are just amazing, the plots, the entire roleplay and all. I'm new but I don't know if things get disorganized and all, but hands down just all the hype and excitement. I haven't done much 1x1 RPs, but I'm not opposed, I've just never found a RP partner that's "in tune" with me. Sometimes they're so good, it's like they wrote Harry Potter, and then ... yeah, hopefully it's different here.

    On a rainy day do you like jumping in puddles, or curling up on the sofa?

    I'm that one person sitting on the sofa and watching other people jump in the puddles ... and throwing rubber ducks for them. FREE THE DUCKS

    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?

    There it is, all done! I hope to get some new friends soon!
  2. To find partners that fit us well, it takes a lot of trial and error! O__O I've been through hundreds of partners and only found a handful that have good chemistry for me. But Iwaku has a lot of members, so I am sure you'll be able to find a perfect match! <3

    Welcome to the site, Winter! ^o^
  3. Welcome Winter!
    Hopefully you'll be able to find a partner on here!
    This place is packed with a ton of friendly people who role-play all sorts of shenanigans! ^^

    (I want one q.q)