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  1. Hi guys. I came here by suggestion of Red Revolver, and decided "Hey, why not?" I wanna get back into RPing after a slump I had recently (sort of mentioned in my profile), and the usual site I RP on (of which Red Revolver is a member) is... well, less than active, so I figured I'd try out a new community.

    So yeah, I tend to go towards more "fantastic" RPs (which includes Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc.), though I do have a bit of a tendency towards traditional fantasy. I'm pretty much up for anything though, and I suppose it just depends on the Roleplay itself.

    By the way, while I do have this username, I kinda tend to prefer to be called Nate; I just use the username because it sounds cool is less likely to be taken.
  2. Hay, you! Glad to see a familiar face around here! :)
  3. Well hello there Nate! Glad to hear our members are rounding up souls spreading the word of Iwaku! :D I'm glad to see you are looking for active sites! I know there aren't many out there, but Iwaku is ALWAYS active! ^^ I'm sure you will find some like-minded people who would love to start a thread or two up with you!

    My name is Mittens by the way, I'm Iwaku's Friendlt Kitten! :D If you have any questions, feel free to PM them to me and I can help as much as I can! ^^
  4. Naaaaate!! Glad you're here and stuff. As you can see, Iwaku's a friendly place where the playerbase is in the hundreds, even thousands. As I've said before on IRC, IRP's a great place to roleplay in. So don't hesitate to join in anything *Cough*Quiyon Legacy*Cough*.

    Have fun~
  5. Welcome to the site i too Got sucked into this evil seduction place Joined recently! Hmm im wondering if you would be interested to Role play here ? Since your new maybe i should suggest something immediatly you know how you feel when you first join a rp site and your urging to rp asap lol i too had that feeling!
    well click here if you may --> https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-group/night-crawlers.168/group-detail
  6. Welcome to Iwaku. I dig fantasy roleplays should you ever be interested