Hey everyone!

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  1. hello! I'm more or less known everywhere on the internet as TheRelicOfOwls, and this is no exception. I come from Zelda Universe, which was my primary source for RP (as they had a separate section for off-site-topic fun). However, after a while I wanted something a little more dedicated to RP itself, and so here I am :D

    I really hope to improve my own personal writing skills in every way shape and form, from character development to making something just plain sound good! I'm sure some time well spent here will put me in the right direction.

    here's hoping!
  2. hello newcomer, I am Winnie the pooh or Jessica if you want to call me, You are in safe hands on Iwaku, the people are friendly and fun to roleplay with including me :) I hope we can roleplay sometime so we can find each other hidden talents of which I have some farewell newcomer bye xx
  3. Hello dear, welcome to Iwaku. I really really like your name /creeper status. Might end up calling you Relic though, :). Hope to see ya around!
  4. thanks for the welcome. :D

    Also [MENTION=1783]Cosmos[/MENTION]: just about everyone calls me Relic, totally already used to it.
  5. Hey, I'm new here and just trying to figure everything out lol
  6. Excellent. >=3

    Also, welcome to Iwaku as well, Arrows!

    You guys should both check out the Creative Challenges forus and posts lots in them! Because it's cool, =3
  7. Just do what tolkein and ayn rand do. Split the seconds in HD