Hey everyone 8D

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  1. Hello there :3
    My name is Zeph- //zephyr, obviosuly].
    And I'm new to this forum :]- //and again, OBVIOUSLY].
    I don't really know what to say really. Never do :c
    16 years old. I rape my face with cake on December 26th <3
    I'm a pansexual female who's confused about her gender.
    I consider myself lit to advanced lit. I love juicy, detailed posts.
    I can write up to aboooouuut, 4 - 7 paragraphs. More if I'm interested.
    But please! Don't let that intimidate you- //if it does].
    I'll most likely role play with anyone. As long as it's a paragraph or more that is at least detailed.
    Be nice to me and I won't bite you ^^!
    I don't bite people who are nice to me. Promise :]

  2. You stuff yourself with cake? I love making cake! Looks like it's time for a cake party. Oh, ya, welcome. CAKE!
  3. Oh HECK yeah! Cake be nomnnom, yo ;'D
    And thank youuuu~ [: Already feeling the love.
  4. Well hello there! I won't be intimidated by your awesome posts, so long as you are not intimidated by my... uh... by my exclamation points! >:3 Yes, my exclamation points are quite fearsome.

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Why, I think that's a pretty legitimate deal ;3
    <shakes hand> Alrighty then. 8D
    And thank you~ <3
  6. Welcome to the site,Zeph. I also enjoy face raping with cake!

    Hope you enjoy your time here.
  7. Hello new person!
  8. Welcome to the land under the eye. I'm part of the eye I.E. staff. Any questions you can ask us, we're here to help and have fun just like everyone else. You strike me as the type looking for romantic RPs, or you could bug Diana for a link to "the club"

    See you already found the resumes so I don't have to stoop to linking you.

    Generic greetings aside. Hope you enjoy your stay.

    See you around.
  9. Hrmm, it looks our native Zypher will have a challenger now. This shall make things interesting, very interesting.

    I'm Rory, the other admin. We have another guy somewhere around here but no one remembers whom he is....Anyways welcome young blood. Don't feed Chaos and so forth and so on.
  10. It will only intimidate me if you use that teensy weensy text size us old people can't read, even with glasses on.

    Anyway, have fun here and come to us with any questions you've got. We have lots of fun discussions, writing activities and of course, lots of roleplays. Hope you'll enjoy them.
  11. Don't listen to Fluffy. I am quite the fan of that small text. In fact I prefer it :]] I can tell I already like you. Welcome to Iwaku :]]
  12. >u<;; Thanks everyoneee! I feel so welcomed *o* <3
  13. Why hello thar! >D I'm Zypher, and now that you're here people will actually have to WORK to distinguish our names! MWAHAHAHAAHAHA *cough* Anyways, I'm here to help if you have any RP questions.
  14. I don't Zypher. I just call you ZyZy because I'm too lazy to post your full name anyways~
  15. Why hello there. I like you already, I think.
    I claim you, though I'm not entirely sure for what yet.
    Ahem, anyway, now that I'm done being possessive...
    My name is Kitti, it's a pleasure to meet you!
    Please feel free to ask if you've any questions.
    Happy playing~
  16. I'm not very good at writing welcome posts so I will suffice with welcome to the site!
  17. Lol, Kitti. Thanks for that xD
    That totally made my 5 seconds it took me to read that 8D
    <3 ~

    And thanks Fuyu :]
  18. Almost forgot to mention. if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. i will answer any question to the best of my abilities.
  19. I wish I was friendly...