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  1. Hello, everyone. My name is FlameRose7. You can call me Rose (not my real name). I love to RP and I tend to incorporate romance into almost anything. I really like plots about shape shifters (wolf and dragon), Fae, and well, a lot of Fantasy stuff. I'm comfortable with variety.

    I love love love anime and manga, especially Fairy Tail. I'm such a fangirl, I just don't know what to do with myself. I write fanfiction. I don't generally roleplay characters that are not my own, but I may be willing... maybe. Usually, I come up with characters that would fit into that "world." For example, my friend and I combined Hunger Games and Pokemon. Each Tribute would have a team of pokemon that they had to use to fight with during the Games.

    I don't get to RP a lot, because my friends are all busy. One of my friends is a Chemistry major and another is a Nursing Major, so.... yeah. Busy... But hopefully, on this site, I can RP until I get sick of it, which might be never. XD
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Rose!

    I hope you enjoy your stay here, I would love nothing more than to roleplay with you some time. Your Hunger Games combined with Pokemon idea was pure genius, I applaud you my dear.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku rose!

    And i heart pokemon and I'm starting to write a fanfic of it. Maybe we can roleplay sometime. Anyways good luck!
  4. Welcome to the community.
    It is a pleasure to have you, I have been on the Role playing scene for 5 years now. It would be a pleasure to talk to you.
    Or even possibly Role play with you.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
  5. Greetings Rose, welcome to the community. :3