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  1. Hello RPers from across the world, i'm Zoltac, Zolt for short (call me Zol and I will end you (Also if your really lazy you can call me Z) )

    Im very new to Role Playing, this will be my first site that I try to do it on so I hope ill do my best. My friend has been RPing for a while now and it looks like a ton of fun so I thought i'd join him. As for the RPs I think that adventuring or questing will probably be the first one i'll do. So I hope to enjoy some amazing future RPs (is that what you shorten it to be?)
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Rping is pretty easy-- you'll get the hang of it no problem.
  3. Greetings and Welcome Zoltac! or Zolt. But do not expect me to jump to Z, I just couldn't....

    I hope you find the perfect RP for you to join. It is a blast!
  4. Welcome! I'm pretty new myself and having a lot of fun here, if you want advice or hints on fun RPs just ask me :)
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