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  1. Hmm...no reason. I was just wondering, and making small talk...or something like that since I did not post today either..... lol
  2. Unfortunately, I do. I'm simply wondering whether it's because I'm accessing from mobile. Once I get on a computer, I'll let you know whether I continue having issues or not~
  3. Well...Monday is the start of a new week. Hmm....well Sunday technically is...but that still the weekend. Errr...good night.
  4. "Aw.." Lyra looked disappointed.

    Melissa shudder.
  5. "I know..." Melissa mumble.
  6. He pulled Melissa close and kissed her on the cheek.
  7. "I love you too."
  8. "I think I'm kissing too many people around her."
  9. Lucius glanced down at her clothes.
  10. "I hope Kuna appreciates it."
  11. "Will you miss it?"
  12. Ashley gave Lyra a soft kiss too.

    Lyra giggles, "Her lips are so soft."
  13. "She is soft in general."
  14. I heard sci-fi tropes, and came as fast as I could.

  15. I cried a little when I opened this, not gonna lie
  16. Holy shit, congrats and welcome back!
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  17. Name it after one of the Norse or Indian gods, many were pretty chill peeps from what I heard unlike the shapeshifting, arrogant, murderous, rapists (among other things) that make up the Olympian Parthenon.
  18. "I know." He replied before going back to her breast.
  19. That's great news, Thur! Best of luck! May the Force be with thee!


    Welcome to the Singularity side; we have jaffa cakes and Kirito memes!