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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Torsty, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Blair

    She saw the word mutants and took a deep breath in "I suddenly don't blame the maniac whose doing this. Do you know if they experiment on mutants that hadn't been created?"
  2. Ray

    "They are people too. I don't see why they should be criticized for being different. Abnormal isn't a good word either though. Normal is overrated. How about... enhanced or advanced individuals?"
  3. Blair

    "People fear them. I don't blame them. But they are people too. Good and bad. They deserve treatment that everyone receives and if they use their abilities in a horrific manner then they be prosecuted the same way a man may be for assaulting another. Again I had no idea you were so passionate. They are people Ray. They look like you and me. Their mutations just allow for them to survive in their environment. Not advanced because it works for their environment, and perhaps a non mutation works well for another. Evolved yes."
  4. Blair

    "I feel you would be good at it though. Resources and empathy. You have both." She paused. She started to wonder if she should really just give the gig up. Perhaps. She shook herself out of it. She would take a break unless absolutely necessary.
  5. (Gwen went in and said all those things about Jason after she thought he had killed people)


    "Should have been. As far as I know he's still up high when it comes to investigating."
  6. Ray

    "Batlimore's finest? Is that in reference to the police or the vigilante? What was it? Tell me about it"
  7. Ibra isn't a great team-player, period. Have you ever seen him when he doesn't have the ball? ALL HE EVER DOES IS WALK AROUND! And yeah, he doesn't fit in with the whole playing-ideology that Barca has. He dragged Inter down too, they've only gotten better without him. Theres still no wonder why people like him so much, he does amazing things with the ball, but he's.......just a performer. Maybe Real Merda could buy him? :D
  8. Raul hasn't retired yet lololol
  9. Lulz, he's leaving for the gringo-league or the arab-league sooner or later to milk some money out of a typhoon's hands.
  10. lololol

    btw i don't like your sig.


    But hey, Atletico's on the Europa League finals, Spain represent, etc
  11. Wheeeee! Yeah, I saw that, nice goal by Forlan. No Hamburgo though =(, Fulham is nice though, with Hangeland in the squad.
  12. You know, now that I've been watching lots of south american football, I like it more than european.

    Less diving lolz
  13. ..........

  14. lolz nice match today.

    Motherfucking Inter.

  15. Gwen

    She shook her head "I don't trust this place in the slightest. I'm just glad we can leave whenever we'd like. I just feel like...I don't know. Being watched almost."