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D'aaaaaaaaw, remember a certain norwegian ref helping Barca advance from the semi-finals last year? YEEEAARR!

Same dude helped Bayern pass Fiorentina! It's a part of the game honey-puffs!


.......unless the germans win....
Mourinho's gay. >:(

Meh, was a nice match anyway, and I still don't know why Pep puts Ibrahimovic to play, seriously, wtf.
Well, since Puyol was out. I guess only him and Pique are the only dangerous guys Barca has on set-pieces. And besides, even if Zlatan is in a bad period right now, he can perform magic, we knows this. Not like he'll be much more popular with the Barca-fans after this.
He's tainted for the bandwagonners and about the entire population of Catalonia, but most everyone else realizes he's a waste of cash and Pep's not playing him the right way, he's great as a player, but I dunno, he kinda just sucks with Barca atm.

I'm sure he'll get better once Pep realizes that Messi and him don't go together well in the pitch.
Ibra isn't a great team-player, period. Have you ever seen him when he doesn't have the ball? ALL HE EVER DOES IS WALK AROUND! And yeah, he doesn't fit in with the whole playing-ideology that Barca has. He dragged Inter down too, they've only gotten better without him. Theres still no wonder why people like him so much, he does amazing things with the ball, but he's.......just a performer. Maybe Real Merda could buy him? :D
Lulz, he's leaving for the gringo-league or the arab-league sooner or later to milk some money out of a typhoon's hands.

btw i don't like your sig.


But hey, Atletico's on the Europa League finals, Spain represent, etc
Wheeeee! Yeah, I saw that, nice goal by Forlan. No Hamburgo though =(, Fulham is nice though, with Hangeland in the squad.
You know, now that I've been watching lots of south american football, I like it more than european.

Less diving lolz
lolz nice match today.

Motherfucking Inter.

And everybody at Olimpico cheered for Inter! :D.............D:

I dunno how to feel, honestly.......well, as long as we don't relegate, 'IS ALL GOOD!