Hey! Created a new account and will try to be active!

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  1. Hi! I'm Rin. I registered last year but unfortunately, my account was removed due to inactivity and for not posting anything (I usually just lurk).

    But hey, I'll try to be active from now on!

    Writing is a passion of mine since I was a kid. Though I have to learn and improve a lot as I'm still uncomfortable with my own writing style. I cringe when I re-read some of my stuffs. Actually, I used to roleplay with myself using notepad or wordpad. I think I started when I was 10. It sounds silly, but no lies. I stopped when I entered high school because I somehow lost interest and my motivation in writing went off. Then it came back when I graduated high school and now I want to roleplay with real people to develop both my writing and social/communication skills.

    If you want to know more of me, just ask. I'm happy to be your friend here.

    Oh, and if you recognize the boys on my avatar, I will give you a cookie! ;)

    Nice to meet you all!
  2. Ah welcome back!~ I'm glad you are able to be more active! ^ ^ Enjoy your stay~
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  3. Thank you! <3
  4. Your picture looks like it is Takeshi and Gokudera o.o
  5. Welcome back!! Hope you enjoy your stay, and find some awesome RPs to keep you involved and sticking around this time! :D
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  6. You get a cookie, haha.

    Thank you! Yes, I hope so too! :)
  7. Welcome back, then, Miravi! :D
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  8. Hi and welcome back! Your picture suggests yaoi! If I am correct I would love to do some rping with you sometime!