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  1. I can't want to role play with anyone and everyone!!!
  2. Okay, I'm waiting. Not sure why, though.
    Welcome to the site Kogi!
    You too Philotes!

    Enjoy your times here and have a happy roleplaying!
  3. I have no idea how to read kanji! 8D Welcome to the site person!
  4. Sup
  5. Tanks you very much!!!!:3
  6. The words below my username is how you say it but translated it's witch kogi also tanks for your welcoming message
  7. Welcome Kogi. Please make yourself at home, and have fun roleplaying and getting to know everyone. *bows before hopping out an open window*
  8. Welcome!

    If you need anyone you'd like to RP with, I'm probably your girl! :P
  9. *pops head out the window and yells* tanks!!!!!
  10. Well I'll have to keep you in mind when wanting to rp someone. :3
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  11. Welcome to iwaku. Hope you enjoy being here. Lots of crazy people here XP

    Did I say that out loud? What I meant was, theres lots of friendly peeps here to get to know and have fun roleplaying XD
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  12. Hahaha tanks for the warning I mean uuuuuhhhh …… advice haha:3
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  13. Might I ask you for help on starting your own rp
  14. Yeah sure, anything in particular you wanna ask?
  15. How do you make a character bio
  16. Well there are generally bases like "so-so" lived in "blah blah city" for most of their life."this gives a good starting point, as it describes where your character is from, and possibly gives some insight as to why he/she is the way he/she is. Next up you may want to add events that affected their lives like moving to a new town or whatever. Keep adding major events(or not) until you reach the point the RP is supposed to be starting at.

    Hopefully this helps.
    I'm going to take a nap.
  17. Tanks for all your help!!
  18. よろしくおねがいします漕ぎさん!日本語をわかりますか?わたしはにほんごのがくせいです。
  19. 私は少し知っているが、私は私を助けることができる人に開放しています
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