Hey Canadians, I found a thing!

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    (Okay, is this what the French-Canadians sound like?!)

    Also yes I know she's faking her accent this is a big jokey thing just play along please.
  2. Sounds right to me.

    Source: I am an expert on Canadia.
  3. Oui. Québécois Français does indeed have that accent, though we have some variance, dependent on the immigrant heritage. Mine is Western Canadian, not much of an "accent" there from an American PoV. There's Newfie too, there's a reason we don't let them off the island. There's a joke that if you let a French Newfie row his boat down the river, and aliens swung by to kidnap his brain, he'd still be singing and drinking unabated. Then we've got a handful of Native American accents for English too.

    Really not that many though. It's more slang we've got than anything else. Like aboot, or eh. Eh?
  4. I used to know a chick from Newfoundland. This was ages ago. To my memory, one of the most gorgeous girls I ever met. And tall. Mmm...
  5. This particular Quebecois has a very strong accent, and while her english is good, there are poeple whose accent is much reduced and who speak more fluently (less uh's etc)
  6. Being raised as a Québécois myself, I can tell you that yes, some Québécois have thick accents like that.
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  7. You jelly, hoser?
  8. Despite being Canadian I've only been to Quebec once, but yea that sounds accurate from what I remember.

    Note I live in Ontario, where although we have mandatory french class we have practically no one who ever speaks french unless if they're showing off what they learned in said french class
  9. Up in North Ontario, there's a crazy amount of French speaking communities. Your mileage varies depending on where exactly you live, even in Ontario.
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  10. True, I forgot to specify South Ontario, like south from Toronto.

    Like, South enough that if the border with america was straight I'd be American.
  11. *Hides all of her Newfoundland relatives*

    My great grandfather came down to the states sometime in WWI and banged some chick, then fucked off back across the border.

    At least, that's what I gathered. The few times I've spoken with those relatives, I could maybe understand half of the things they said.
  12. HAHA Tegan's not PURE 100% American!
  13. Found another reason to be HNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGHHH over Canadian chicks. (Yeah, I don't even know anymore...)

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