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Right now I am typing as I stare above at all the icons that must mean something. I just used the italics button, have you noticed? Let's see, let's see. I think the smiley face is a list of emoticons. :rejected:Hey! I was right! Um, those two globes, what do they do? Remove and insert links. Yawn. How about that purple BG? It wraps tags around selected texts. What does that mean? Okay the poker A thing next to the purple BG says it does the same thing, only it is IMG while BG is BG. That....Yeah, I don't know what that means. It sounds familiar, but whatever. I really don't care. I'm hovering over the other icon squares on the bottom line. Most just say WRAp, so I'm not going to bother with everything esle. Maybe later. God, writing this is so boring. Maybe I should introduce myself-wait. I should've introduced myself a long time ago. My back hurts. Why does it hurt? I'm too young for my back to-OH MY GOD, I AM STILL NOT INTRODUCING MYSELF.

Hi, I'm Caitlyn, Aileen is my much more pretty middle name. My favorite color is a light pink, I love alternative music, and I am an insomniac. Which, really, isn't as bad as people crack it up to be. I just yawn more than usual. That's all. Hey, how come whenever you read/write/hear/see someone yawn you yawn yourself? I know that yawning is contagious, but why? I mean, I read and hear about people having sex all the time, but my hymen is still attatched. Maybe that was a bit too much information. Hello, new paragraph and new topic!

I role-play every now and then. I'm not proud of it, and my friends will never know. I'm a dork, I guess, but so are you guys, so I guess that makes me.....not...a...dork? No, I'm still a dork. There's a whole leveling to dorks, I find. There are cool dorks, bad ass dorks, stupid dorks, smart dorks, popular dorks, dorky dorks, dork dorks, loner dorks, emo dorks, slutty dorks, burnout dorks, deadhead dorks, scene dorks, mom dorks, dad dorks, aunt dorks, skater dorks. I can onbly think I'm one of those loner/scene/dorky dorks. Not to be confused with a dork dork. Dork dorks are just dorks. Dorky dorks have the potential to be cute.

Anywhoo, I might stick around for a few days if I dislike this site, if I like t, I'll add it to my side bar, and if I love it I won't delete it from my side bar. Great to see you guys! Bye!
Well, THAT was what I call an intro! >:D Welcome to the site, oh blabbering one with an amusing name and interesting way to transition to a new community. I will be one of your hosts, but since I am feeling lazy, someone else can direct you around the place.

I'm the dork proud to be a dork, which makes everyone else give me weird looks to which I respond with a pleased and wicked smile. Like this. >:]
Wow, just...Wow...

eh...so...I would like to formally welcome you to the site. I'm Myrnodyn, I'm a mod, I head the smut section and HEY, I'm a virgin too! Does that make us virgin buddies? or just people who share too much information about themselves? D:

In any case, This is a pretty active site, We have a decent amount of roleplays going on, blogs, member organizations and an actually ACTIVE C-box! You MIGHT dislike this site if you dislike an intellectual but generally insane bunch of people who can sometimes go a bit overboard...if that doesn't strike you as highly annoying than I hope to see you in the C-box soon.

*Shifty eyes* Now to leave before the rest of the mod team shows up...they hunt me, y'know?

Welcome to insanity <3 We hope you like it here. There are a lot of lurkers here so don't feel any pressure and if anyone upsets you punch them in the throat. Remember they are harmless when they are not breathing <3! *Eyes Myyn*