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  1. Hey there!
    My name is Myranda Love, I'm obviously new here to iwaku. I'm super excited to get to know many of you and expand my RP experience. I really enjoy romance, supernatural, and adventurous role plays. However since I'm new to it all, I give most things a shot. I'm not too picky so if anyone has an idea they wanna shoot me I'll sure as hell give it a go.

    As for me personally, I'm a pistol. I love living wildly and having fun at every moment. If that sounds like you, by all means say hello ;)
    As for everything else... It would just come with time. So tata for now, don't be shy loves.
  2. Hello Comrade! And Welcome to Iwaku

    Its nice here and all of the nice people here will welcome you with open arms

    Enjoy your stay
  3. Hello Myranda!

    Welcome to Iwaku! We have a lot of roleplays that fit the genres you're looking for, which is awesome! I'm not sure if you prefer 1x1s or Group Roleplays, but both sections are currently very active and have open requests/sign-ups going! If you look through and don't see anything that really makes you want to jump in, then don't hesitate to start your own thread. Lots of members are seeking new roleplays every day and there's a super good chance that somebody [or several somebodies!] would take you up on yours!

    Since you're new to the whole roleplaying scene, I would also recommend that you go check out our Content section where the Institute is. There's a lot in there that can help get your creative juices on the move and polish up your skill! It's super helpful!

    Don't hesitate to ask questions!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.