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  1. Hi dear,
    I'm here to introduce myself.
    I'm ElectricCandles.
    I made this account a while back ago,
    but I haven't had time until now to really get active in the website.
    I really enjoy writing things like modern fantasy,
    but I also like...
    Modern RL
    And whatever looks fun and interesting.

    I would like to believe I'm an intermediate writer...
    Which means I post usually at least 2 paragraphs,
    with correct spelling,
    and grammar.
    Unless I have writers block. D:
    But uhm,
    There's a little bit of information about me,
    or more about my roleplaying style I guess..
    But I look forward to getting to roleplay with you guys.
    Aha. ♥
  2. Nuuu! Right side writing, my only weakness, how did you know?!

    Kidding aside, welcome from someone who just got there, if that's any comfort...
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  3. Welcome back to the Madness xD. Please enjoy your stay this time..

    Whispers in the dark corner of the room while petting her Tiger,~ fu fu ..
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  4. Howdy Electri! Welcome to the site! :D
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  5. Thanks everyone! I'm loving the website so far. :D
  6. Ohhh pretty colors<3
    Hai^^ I'm Krin
    And welcome~
    Please have fun with everything you do here!~
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.