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    Hello, I have been craving some Hetalia like nobody's business. I am desperate my friends, and willing to play whatever, whenever, however.


    Okay well there are some ground rules. Don't worry, there aren't many.

    • Please post more than a sentence or two I beg. It's not fun when I have to do all the work. I could just lay up and write fanfiction if I wanted to do that.
    • Let me know what you want. I'm very open about things and I really just love Hetalia to pieces. I don't much care what it is, but if you want to see something you have to tell me.
    • Libertine is fine with me but I am an Adult Member. To me all Teen Members are little Sea-kuns and that's a no. Just no. Okay?
    I am open to any couples be they straight, gay, lesbian or otherwise. I know how hard it is to get love for the more obscure otp's as an AllThingsGreece fan. Though I will skirt around taboo-taboo if I can(i.e. Itacest Italy twins not being brothers just dopplegangers). These things can be debated privately if you so desire.

    I also like just good old country banter, so that's fine too, not everything has to be angsty and romantic.

    I realize there are few Hetalians in the mix, and a wee mix of adult ones, but I figure it's worth a shot!
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Thread Status:
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