Hetalia: The Last Days

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    Hetalia: The Last Days
    A unique action/adventure roleplay.

    It is the year 2012 AD.

    For many years now, there have been speculations and rumours concerning the end of the Mayan calendar and what exactly it entails. Some mentioned a disaster unlike any other witnessed by modern man, an earthquake or a flood of massive proportions, devastating the earth and all that inhabited it. Others simply chose to ignore it, believing it to be make-believe, superstitious nonsense that only the highly religious clung to. However, none of them had expected that the wheels of a disastrous fate would be set into motion by a pair of tiny, grey hands.

    Hetalia: The Last Days is a unique, literate roleplay that carries out group events using a Game Master to Player Character style of roleplay setup. Immerse yourself as our Game Masters (GMs) weave the tale, allowing you to explore in a unique, interactive setting; and that's not all. I've personally developed a simple, entertaining and cheat-proof dice combat system, so you can kiss those annoying godmoders goodbye.

    These are the last days of the earth as we know it.

    This is our final hour.​