Hetalia Roleplay

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  1. Canada walked into the conference room, who cared if he was late? No one ever noticed he was there in the first place, so he decided that coming 3 minutes late was no big deal since Mr. Kumakichi...no, wait, Kumajirou, was sick. He walked to his seat and sat down, sighing softly. This was the one time he didn't want to be noticed.
  2. (OCC: I would gladly join but I don't know if Hungary ever goes to the World Conferences.)
  3. (i havenr watch that show in along time but i know every contery gose and sorry for typos lovelys)

    Italy was next to Gurmeny happly then says out loud and stand up "lets talk about my love for pasta." Gurmeny sets Italy bac down and gives him a looked that said "stay down or die" wich Italy dose.
  4. Hungary shakes her head and silently giggles. "Your love for pasta is sometimes a problem, like France is to...well almost everyone."
  5. Gurmeny looked at Hungary then smirks. "but pasta..." Italy said with a sad face. "where is pasta?"
  6. Hungary blushes. "There is no pasta Italy. Sorry." She looks at Germany and smiles.
  7. (Oh well, anyone can join as any country ^^)

    Canada watched the others silently, worrying about his little polar bear silently.

    Of course, no one noticed.

    (If no one joins as America I'll be him. o3o)
  8. (America sucks no one be him >3>)

    Germany notice Hungary face was rad and asked "are you sick." Italy notice to and gets up to hug hungery "no dont be sick Hungary"
  9. Hungary sighs. "Thanks for being worried but I'm fine." America storms in being loud as usual. "Hi everyone! Sorry I'm late!" (I couldn't help myself. )
  10. -.- we are no longer friends XD jk)

    Italy looked over to see America and frowned. Germany grabbed Italy and place him backin his chair.
  11. (I love 'Murica?? OAO I love all dem countries no hatin'
    Do u ship AlfredxMattie? ouo)

    Canada looked up at the sound of his brother. 'There he is...'
  12. America grins. "So what's first on the agenda!" Hungary sighs and covers her ears.
  13. Italy smiled and yelled out loud "Pasta" Germany looked at Italy not pleased
  14. Canada took a deep breath, and stood. He had all confedence now. With the other countries staring at him in disbelief, he began to speak. "M-My c-c..." he trailed off, squeaking. He just sat back down.
  15. America looked at him confused. "Don't be afraid Canada! No one will judge you!"
  16. "sure america i am a 100% you wont judge canada" germany said with a smirk. Italy just wanted pasta "can we have pasta now?"
  17. Canada sighed softly, then stood up again. "W-Well I wanna ... I wanna be... um, I wanna be noticed more..." His voice had gotten a lot quieter as he spoke. "And I keep getting confused with you, b-brother."
  18. America grins. "what are you talking about?! Being like me is awesome! If you want to be noticed more stop stuttering and speak up! Like me!"
  19. "The problem is that I keep getting HURT because of it, Alfred!" Canada frowned, slamming his hands on the table gently. "I'm tired of it!"
  20. Italy watched eyes wide and Germany was proud of little canada.

    ((go canada go show him wbos boss))