Hetalia Roleplay Partners Wanted! (Must Be Willing to Do Crazy Things)

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  1. I'm going to be very clear here. I am looking for a Hetalia roleplay partner willing to go on crazy adventures, visit weird worlds, and take part in intense plots. In almost all cases I roleplay France as my main character, and can roleplay others as side characters to further the plot. I will post the plots I have in mind here, mostly original ideas because I can think of a lot. All you really have to do is tell me what plot you want to do, and what character you want to play. (Keep in mind that plots are not limited to "preferred" characters, and that I will do multiple plots with one person and will even do the same plot with multiple people. So, if a plot is filled, you can still ask to do it and chances are I'll do it with you, too!) (Also, if you would like to do a group roleplay with one of the plots and multiple people agree to it, I am willing.)

    1. Troubles With Cults
    Lately, France's country has been having some... trouble.
    First the Elysee Palace had threats. At first they misunderstood
    them as bomb threats, but according to a follow up article, they
    were threatening an "explosive attack" against the entire nation,
    not just the presidential residence. It was all starting with five
    people tied to a cult in Nice, France, and soon it would spread in to
    something far worse. Francis is left to deal with it the beginning of
    the cult uprising with auditory and visual hallucinations, and soon,
    he's going to wish that it had stayed at that. Hallucinations would
    be child's play compared to what would come next.

    Preferred Characters: Axis/Ally Characters
    2. Something In The Hall
    Francis hasn't done anything wrong, but whatever is in
    the hallway could convince someone otherwise. One night when
    he had woken up to go to the bathroom, he saw a figure standing
    in the hallway out of the corner of his eye. As nights pass, the
    figure becomes visible longer, and soon begins appearing at all
    times of the day. Now, it's a full silhouette of a human being just
    standing there, and he just has to have someone look at it. He just
    needs to know what the hell that thing is.

    Preferred Characters: Part of the FACE Family OR Magic Trio
    More plots will come as I think of them, so feel free to check in at any time. The current ones are horror themed, but I will add more adventurous ones soon, and can always come up with one upon request. If you want to discuss the plots, feel free to. I can answer any questions.​
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Thread Status:
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