Hetalia; Revenge of the 2ps [OOC]

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  1. (One question whats 2p?)
  2. (um, 2p is basically the opposite person of your country and is often evil)
  3. (what just happened I'm confused..)
  4. ((2p China is trying to distract normal China))
  5. Howdy! :D

    Just here to let you guys know I've moved over the OOC posts from the IC thread and created this one for you! Also, I've linked them both (which you'll be able to see at the top right on the first page as PLAY or SIGNUP, respectively). I hope this helps you out! :3
  6. Thanks.. I miss the other people though ;-;
  7. Yeah, it's a shame. :c
  8. Hey there. Would you be up for a 2p roleplay?
  9. I feel bad no one has any good nations to place as. I guess if you want to.
  10. Well, I can be pretty much anyonen