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  1. So, the RP went really, really well. Thanks to the awesome contributions of Sakura, Trance Kitsune, Asmodeus, CoffeeCakeSadist, Jumi and Quelled Heretic. :)

    Everyone seemed open to continuing the plot. The question is what platform? Stick with Chat style or forum? If chat style, how often do we meet?

    This is the thread to discuss where we take this RP from here. (Also, feel free to post any images/character/plot info you might come up with.)

    (And expect for the RP logs to be posted here in the next day or two.)

  2. Ellie: I feel like if I make a character sheet, it'll take away the fun of chatrp possibilities xD
    But maybe an appearance and history stuff could be fun =D


    I vote for CHAT STYLE.

    We could plan and stuff :D

  3. *Is now awake and slightly more aware than she was when she made her last post.*

    No, definitely no character sheets. Never stick to them, anyway.

    I have the feeling most everyone will want chat style. The real trick will be finding a time when everyone can be online for at least two hours.
  4. WELL, we could use this as the planning area && everyone could post when they'd most like to chat style (:
    and then we could find a date/time that everyone agrees on. ^^

    For examples~
    I like fridays after 4 & saturdays > because time zones will allow me to stay up late or wake up early for you guys.
    If we do it in the evening, my time, certain weekdays might be okay, too (:
  5. We should do BOTH.

    Chat roleplay for our missions.

    Text roleplay for the bits in between, when we return to spacedock, receive new jobs and get some R&R.
  6. I'm just happy that you made this thread! I'm glad for this.

    I'm able to do this whenever. ^.^
  7. I agree with Asmo's spin on the type of Roleplaying scheme. As for times, I'm only free after 10pm or so on Fridays, and anytime on Saturday prior to 4pm, and after 10 PM, and any time Sunday. Keep in mind that my times might change depending on work, n' stuff.
  8. I like Asmodeus' idea, too!
    Since we just killed the weird Coffee-thing, can we do a regular storyline via a thread until we get to another mission?
    because we destroyed the ship we were supposed to save, didn't we?

    We can do the thread-roleplaying until we get into the ship for a mission *insert theme song & everyone jumps into the chat roleplay*

    Haha xD It sounded cool in my head -__-
  9. No doubt Captain Drake will be hauled in for questioning about why he destroyed a multi-million dollar cargo vessel.

    Too bad we didn't blow the alien out of the goddam airlock.
  10. Poor captain.
    :D but if we DO start a thread, I get to delve into the Ellie's daddy mystery =O
  11. I wanna see this!
  12. Sorry, guys. I'd intended to reply to this sooner.

    Outside of work, I don't really have any kind of "regular schedule" for availability. Some Friday nights are good. Others aren't. Most Saturdays aren't, but some are.

    If no one minds, when I'm available, may I just play a procession of "guest" characters--allies, antagonist, computer AIs, extras, and red shirts? Only one role per session of course.

    I like these ideas. Don't be surprised if I copy them someday.
  13. *Crashes car through front door.* Sorry I'm late!


    Asmo: *Gives Asmo a poison-razorblade-urine-Free cookie.* :D

    Sakura: Get out of my head. o_o *Slides the cookie to her from a safe distance.*

    Coffee: It's fine if you can only make guest appearances. ;P You will be missed.

    Quelled Heretic: WHERE ARE YOU?

    It seems that everyone likes Asmo and Sakura's suggestions. So, by golly, that's what we're gonna do.

    We'll divide the forum RP into chapters, and each chapter will contain one action/mission scene at the chapter's finale. All action/mission scenes will be played in the chat.

    Since a fair amount of us have irregular schedules, we don't have to set a date for every month and stick to it, come hell or high water. What seems reasonable to me is simply deciding on the chat RP date towards the end of each chapter. That should give us all about a week to work our very busy schedules.

    Does this work for everyone?

    Expect to see an OOC and IC up, sometime in the next week. The plot will center on the crew's return, and how they deal with The Man- while trying to explain why they destroyed the Ishmael. Also, there's that matter of the mutilated alien corpse, safely tucked in a deep freeze unit in the galley. Speaking of galley; might wanna find some money for food, soon. Oh, and fuel. You remembered the fuel, right? Captain?
  14. *noms on cookie happily*

    yum. satisfaction <3

    Works for me! Love the ideas! <3

    AndAnd~ let me know if you need help!

  15. Works for me ^.^
  16. I' to join this. What time do you chat rp usually?
  17. So Jack's the random crewman who was alseep all this time.

    Or he's Saku's father.

    Or my wife and kids.

    Yes... my wife AND my kid.... o__o
  18. Or he's Jumi's wife.
  19. Jumi had nowhere near that level of character development. He's just the angry intolerant engineer.