He's Mine.

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  1. Bryan Star - He goes by Bri - Is Jeffree Star's son.
    He was almost exactly like Jeffree, and he was probably the most weirdest person on earth.
    Being Jeffree Star's son, meant tons of Bullying, and tons of fans.
    He had a Body Guard, as cold as night, but for some reason, Bri loved the man.

    They had been brought together many years ago, when Bri was merely a teenager. Now he was twenty-one, and ready to tell his feelings.
    It changed when he found out that his Body Guard had a Girlfriend.

    That's when 'Project He's Mine started'.

    "No matter what...
    He's mine"


    Hey~ I hope you guys enjoyed that small intro.
    I seriously want someone to join because I LOVE Jeffree Star. He's my Role model. Anyways, just comment down below and we can begin the lovely RP.


    Drama. ✔
    Sex. ❤
    Comedy. ♕
    Mature Content. ☠
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  2. I would love too, just a question is he a trandy too? Also who would I play?
  3. By Trandy, I'm guessing you mean Transgender? Yes, Bryan is. Anyways, I was hoping for you to play as the Guard. I just have this weird obsession over playing the 'Weird yet very awesome' people.
  4. Of course! And sorry my phone can't understand how to spell things. I meant Tranny. Which is short for Transgender. So would yout like to start I'm quite confused on where to start.
  5. Haha, it's totally fine. Anyways, sorry that you're confused XD When I created this thread it was like all coming to me at once, so I wanted to write it down before it poofed. :P So, I'll start the thread. Hm.. I'll make a small description on what Bri looks like, because I'm too lazy to find a picture and create a Character sheet. So.. Just give me about.. Ten-Twenty minutes.