Herro thar.

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  1. So, hello! I am new to Iwaku. I was brought here by way of Seihou, both of us switching to this site after the last site we roleplayed on, Roleplayer Guild, started tumbling. I've browsed a tad, and I like what I see so far. I'm hoping for great things from this site, as well as to offer what I bring to the table.
  2. Hi Yosuke! :D
  3. Hi, Seihou~!
  4. *looks up from Persona Q* *squints*

    Ahaha, just thought it was a funny coincidence. In any case I'm Autumn and new too!
  5. Hihi Yosuke! Welcome to the community! :D
  6. Welcome to the community Yosuke-kun! :3
  7. @Yosuke
    OMG HELLO! Welcome to Iwaku, and I'm also Sei's best friend so we should get along nicely! 8'D
  8. Hello hello! I think I saw you in the Chat over at RPG a couple of times! Welcome! I made the move just yesterday. You will like it here!