Herro dere :D

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ~thatgirl~, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Here comes the newbie :D im new to iwaku.
    I really hope that we can be friends.

    See you around

  2. Welcome to Iwaku [MENTION=3917]~thatgirl~[/MENTION] ! It's nice to have you here. As I recommend to all people new to Iwaku, you should check out the jump in section. Its a great way to test the waters here at Iwaku and they tend to be a little more relaxed and have fewer rules than most others sections.
  3. Hiya- How goes it? I hope you enjoy your stay and have been so far. Being new can be awkward, but you should fit right in. :) Also...Neat name you got there!
  4. hello and welcome i'm new to so add me if you learn any thing new lol
  5. @ NorwayFOO Thanks! I'll go check it out [MENTION=3804]Juneberry[/MENTION] Thanks ^_^ I like yours too. Its really cute ouo [MENTION=3899]Zane[/MENTION] Will do xD