Herro :3

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  1. I'm really unsure of how to do this >>
    But Hi~.
    You can call me:
    I am kind of new to this roleplaying thing, but I get the idea...
    I think.
    I like watching anime, and I suggest Deadmans Wonderland.
    It's really good.
    Watch it.

    It's nice to meet you all
    This is a really cool site o3o

    I-...is that it?
    Do I end it here o.o?
    Okay. Baiiiiii~!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! We should RP sometime!
  3. Here's to hoping you enjoy your time here!
  4. More Otaku's!~ Yay~ I should make an otaku group. :P
  5. Hallo there, Rain! Welcome to the community! :D
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