Hero's Time

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  1. It's been quiet today, thought the Shinobi. He looked up from his sword cleaning to glance around the room with pale green eyes. He was alone currently, the others off doing their thing. It was early yet, and they'd been out til late evening the night before. Shinobi figured there was no reason for them to be up yet, let alone gathering in the main chamber. Shinobi shrugged it off and stood to return to his room for some exercising and to grab his mask should the alarm go off.

    The Alchemist, Al for short when amongst comrades, was still up perfecting his newest formulas so that he could memorize it for use. He could inscribe it to his skin, he had found that if he tattooed a formula he could use is automatically, but it was such a painful process for him that he decided only to do that with his favorite formulas. Like the control of fire he had inscribed already. Al thought about his teammates for a moment. Shinobi was probably awake by now. He usually was. Al let his mind go the girls. Were they still asleep? It would not surprise him after the night they had.

    Sorry that this was the best I could come up with. I'll try harder as we go along.
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    he was a tall, six foot, green gale. Her hair flowing down in smooth green dreadlocks went to her mid back and was chopped off firmly and swiftly, no tapper effect was given. She wore a purple pair of boots, a purple pair of tights that one might call panties, and had a very short and clear purple and white tank top on that showed off all of her stomach and arms, Needless to say she was well built, her muscles holding up the massive body build and her curvy figure made the very exposed clothing a delight to see and a candy for most men. That was of course until you ticked her off, then those long legs, and beautiful curves would be heading at your head first, crushing you in their gorgeously soft, well kept, hands. She popped her rather large lips and took a quick look in the mirror, aside from not being black, but green, she was still the same drop dead beauty, or so her confidence said.

    As she stepped out and into the main living room she took a deep breath, her first day here on the job, everyone else had already been here at least five or six days ahead of her, because she was on a mission. She had used her keys to unlock the door and now, now she wanted everyone to gather round so she could tell everyone about how things would work and wouldn’t work. Her face was rather calm as she leaned against the wall of the house and stared into the room, remaining silent as she pushed the ‘meeting time’ button. It rang the house twice, and then stopped, it wasn’t a bothersome alarm that kept going, no instead it was calm, peaceful, and together. Making the sound of several trumpets playing a gorgeous C chord She waited and silently kept her arms crossed over her chest, waiting to see who arrived first, second, and last.

    he went by the name Karie. Though her Alien name was something ridiculous and no one could pronounce ti so she just went by the name Karie, her super hero name was Sweet Stench. And Boy was she adorable. She had pure black skin that fit nicely to look in her firm figure. Large curves, not nearly as large as she hulk but of average size for a human female. Blue tattoos all around her body that gave the look of the skunk design and a big fluffy black and blue tail, with a blue stripe that went down the middle. Her hair was blue and in tight dreads as well, giving a very natural look to herself. The only thing she had that the she Hulk didn’t was a larger butt, and boy was it that for sure. She sighed a bit looking out at the ocean that the tower over looked, enjoying it.

    hearing the noise that was the alarm she nodded and slowly walked down stairs and into the living room, managing to be last there. She looked at the She Hulk who was just sitting there, looking as if she could give a rats full golden ass if everyone was quite and more that everyone needed to be on time.

  3. Shinobi heard the meeting alarm just as he sat down to meditate and concentrate his Chi, so he grabbed his mask and raced to the meeting room. He wasn't sure what exactly was going to happen, but he didn't care. It was time for a meeting, so a meeting he shall go to. He was the first one there, besides the she hulk, and openly sized her up. It was his first time seeing her after all. He decided it would be interesting to see how things played out.

    When the alarm went off Al frowned; he was only about halfway through his formula. Still, he couldn't ignore a meeting. Giving one last look at his formula, he decided to take the notepad along just in case there was a lull in the discussions so that he could work some more. That decided, he stood up and walked to the other room. He wasn't surprised to see Shinobi, being a speedy one, but he was surprised to see woman. He sized her up, not realizing Shinobi had done the same thing, and smiled. He didn't know what she was capable of, but with the way she carried herself he decided she couldn't be all that bad.
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    he watched as one, then two, then three. She was generally happy, thought he one latest was the other girl, which is kind of sad. It was, for whatever reason, disappointing. She stood up straight though, her body staring carefully at each and every one of them with a serious look of attitude. She didn’t say a thing, didn’t really speak as she walked, the skunk had a slightly skunk smell to her, like always, what would one expect when they saw a big black and blue tail hanging off of the girl. With a large sigh coming from her chest she spoke up finally. Her voice was right with sound. Sounding very high, soprano, with a zing of a sharp deep a to, it was quite soothing.

    “Let me take a moment to say welcome. I’m elated to meet you all. I apologize for being late. I had several missions to wrap up prior to this, one of which was to make sure I was good enough to lead you.” She smiled as she strolled her lips were a darker green, they popped with a bit of vigor as she continued. “So important things to know. We are a family, a unit, a multiminded multipersonality unit, we are going to try and bond, as such, we’re going to share rooms. But it’s not going to be male male, girl girl. The reason for that is because I don’t want the sexes to be divided, so, each guy can go to each girl and ask, the girls will wait.” She stopped waiting for any objections.[/spacer[

    arie stared as she sat in between the boys, her scent was very light but decently heavy enough that it might bother someone. As she stared carefully to She-hulk he couldn’t help but understand her logic, she wanted everyone to be equal to have the same opportunity, to not be separated by gender. It was a given that the girls and the boys would get along, it was assumed, but it wasn’t assumed that the girls and the guys would so therefore it made sense to have this small conflict. She nodded her head, her tail wrapping around her a moment in order to make for more room for the boys on the couch, she hadn’t thought about it until this now.

    She took in a few deep breaths grabbing the water that was meant for her. It had several minerals in it form her home planet, minerals she needed to survive. Because of that she was usually always drinking some of her water, and today wasn’t any different. As she let it sit back down she spoke up. “I agree, it is needed, okay so I just have to wait, I like that.” She giggled, Karie’s eyes looking to each boy before it was a large amount

  5. The Shinobi, who allowed herself to be called Sam for Samantha when not in uniform, nodded through the speech. She understood why they would need to share rooms. To get them to be a closer unit it would be necessary. "I guess I can deal with that," she said calmly. However, she knew the Alchemist, who called herself Al, would probably not be as welcoming of the idea. She liked her privacy.

    And she was right; Al was not happy. She insisted on being alone to practice her formulas, choosing to work on them until late in the evenings and sometimes until early morning. If she were sharing a room that time would be cut. Al frowned at the she hulk and shook her head. "I cannot share a room. It would be detrimental to my work. You do realize that I need my space to work. And my work is important to this team, I assure you." Al huffed after that, her grayish blue eyes narrowing in disapproval.
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    ennifer had to laugh at this. The Alchemist though for a second that she would be allowed to continue tot work on dangerous checmical formula in her own private room with no one. Oh no, Jen had already thought that out rather clearly, and had even come up with a tough love solution too. Or at least she thought it was tough. “I can’t believe on the first day, I have a argument, well she won’t be happy one. Maybe I should stay with her? She’d maybe like my non sleep schedual a lot more… then again, Karie doesn’t sleep either… this is interesting.” She carefully kept an eye on the Alchemist as the room grew silent.

    “Well I’m sorry to inform you f your situation, but, that’s the case. As far as your work goes you have a work shop in the basement that is sound proof and flame proof, your work should be done in there from now on for safty reasons, I was going to bring this to your attention privately so that you might be able to object without being on a stage, however since you brought ti up here we’ll discuss it. Also, I know Karie doesn’t have to sleep, and I only have to sleep about once or twice a week. So therefore coming in late nights won’t bother either of us, perhaps you should think about asking one of us.” Jen stated without really moving much, she was cold.

    arie just stared at her for a moment and then nodded, she had a point. Her sleep schedule matched the need of her teammate and she respected that. As she carefully watched for the Alchemists response she was sure it was going to be antoher large out burst that consisted of jen not being able to do it. Heck she understood that some people were touchie subjected but this, this shit here was ridiculous. She crossed her legs in a sigh as she looked at Shinobi, hoping that Sam, as second in command, would take Jens side.
  7. Sam nodded; that made sense to her.

    "Yeah, Al, that makes the most sense to me. If you needed to be up late, I'm the only one who might have an issue with you waltzing in while I'm asleep. I'd prefer to sleep as much as I can when we're not out on the town fighting the baddies. You should room with one of the others if they sleep about as much as you do."

    Al scowled; she liked her space at it was. She didn't want to have to move somewhere to work on formulas nor did she wish to share a room. Still, she couldn't argue at this point.

    "Fine, I'll share a room with one of you. Which will it be?" she asked, the scowl embedded on her face.
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    ow Karie was a little on edge about this moment her tail drawn sharply around her body the slight smell of skunk now increased to a sharper smell, the kind that you got in a car, nothing too strong but nothing too weak either. As she looked up at Jennifer who nodded. “Well I think you are rooming with me, seeing as you are nice enough to scare the holy piss out of Karie. Come on I’ll help you move your things to your new study area. And be thankful that you HAVE a study area. Really it’s just supposed to be myself and second in command, but I thought a space for you would be wonderful too.’

    Oh yeah Jen was great at making folk feel bad and as she walked past Al there was a sharp scent, a foul scent, a scent that would make the hairs on ones neck rise, just wafting in in her air wake. It was strange, no one knew much about this new leader, but one thing appeared to be certain, she was foul smelling. Karie, being who she was, didn’t seem to notice but the smell of sweaty armpits and un washed body, and that oh so familiar sting of a womanly uncleanness was very prominent in her presence.

    Karie stood to stare at Shinobi a smile on her face. “Coming Sam I think I might need your help to move, provided you wanted to move into your room, and not you into mine. I have few things, so the room will stay mostly the way you have it. I do not need a bed, just a small chair, and the rest of my things are very small as well. So I will not invade too much of your space.” Kaire was so cute with her words, her high voice trying not to anger the ninja.

  9. Sam smiled back. "All right. Let's get to work then," she said, letting Karie lead the way. She had noticed the skunk smell earlier, but it seemed to have subsided now to a tolerable scent. At least, to her it was tolerable. And if it wasn't, well, she'd get used to it. It couldn't be bad all the time, right? she told herself as she followed Karie.

    Al, on the other hand, was still standing there fuming a little. How dare that woman force her hand like that? She clenched and unclenched her fists, trying to relax before she did something she would regret. There were massive quantities of formulas in her head she could spout in her sleep, and had in anger once before setting something on fire. She did not need that to happen again. After a couple of moments, she finally followed Jen down the hall to see what the arrangements were going to be.
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    arie smiled as she all but danced d own the halls stopping at her friends room. “Beloved ninja, would you like to enter first, as it is your room and your privacy?” She asked stepping a size her tail scrunched against the wall to make room Sam to get by. Karie was just known for assigning the most random nicknames to people, and apparently Ninja was Sam’s, kind of befitting huh? As Sam made her choice Karie followed suit a giggle in her voice. Obviously she was trying hard to be freidnly.

    Jen went her way down the stairs and to the elevator she opened it and stopped the door for Al to come in. “So I know you must hate me for this, but understand that I really did have to do this for the ease and safety of the team. If you want, I can have an elevator installed that takes you from the basement to the room you are in?”Jen asked trying to be a bit better of a friend than she was a few minutes ago where she had to give off an order.

  11. Sam kind of smirked at the nickname. That was the translation for her chosen name after all. She entered the room and waved an arm around. "Welcome to this humble abode." There wasn't really much in the way of furnishing anyway. A twin sized bed and a small wardrobe, and a small nightstand next to the bed with a lamp and a photo of Shinobi in her signature stance.

    Al listened to Jen and shook her head. "An elevator won't be necessary. I have two perfectly fine legs," she said with a huff. Al honestly wasn't trying to be mean, but she was still a little hurt. "If you say its for the team, I'll go with it. Don't worry, I won't go against your confounded rules."
  12. Karie laughed a moment really looking at the room. “Interesting. I like it. Let’s keep it JUST like this. It looks very tranquil, good for my meditations twice a day.” She said with much joy as she looked at a small space. “Okay, but we’ll need to rearrange it just so I have a spot for my stuff, I have a small desk I’d like, and a small mat I use for Meditation, aside from that everything else can stay.” She said in a truthful voice, her attitude was very laid back, very calm, and very collective. She seemed to enjoy the whole Zen thing.

    Jen nodded her head as she opened thedoor to the elevator. It was HUGE were she opened it up too. Not event hat but large lab equitment… somehow. It was under ground and just down right expensive items were there, new items. Not to mention a space for just an old fashion culdron. It was…amazing. Everything she could need. Jen walked in and spun around a few times as she smiled. “makes me wish I were you.” She chuckled some. “Here is YOUR own private work space, hope you enjoy.” Jen was kind of angry at her for being so ungratfule.

  13. Sam smiled. "Sure, we'll move things around as necessary. Tell me what you need me to move, and I'll do that while you get your things," she said, preparing to move things as Karie tells her. She had no preference about how her room looked, herself, because she didn't usually do more than her mental preparations and exercises in the room.

    Al looked around and nodded; she was pleased. "I can use this space," she announced to Jen before going further into the room and turning back to Jen. "Thank you for this." She was very pleased with the space, because it would be perfect for her to do all of her studies in. She was excited to be able to have this opportunity for expansion as well.
  14. Karie walked over and tapped a small desk and signed for them to share it and then pointed an an area by a window and asked for them to step in there. that’s were hse wanted to medidtae at. As she smiled she wlaked back out, grapping her own disk in one hand, lifting it high over her head. And a soft mat made of an unknown fabric. It REEKED of skunk however, enough aromatic scent to slightly polute the entire room so that Karie’s scent was now like an air freshener.

    Jen and all of her foulness walked up to Al and gave her a quick, gag worthy hug, and walked off. Back to their room to get her things moved in, she didn’t announce this, no she was sure Al had thousands of many thigns to do in her new space. “See you laters, going to the room.” Which meant it’d smell like a gym locker prior to Al getting there, how wonderfully horrid.