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  1. PLOT : Hero's children from all around the world have been asked by SHEILD if they would like their children to enter the Avengers school for the Children of Hero's. Nick Furry and JARVIS and few other retired hero's run the school and will be deciding when you are ready to leave but you only leave as a team, a well knit team. You here will learn to be a team, fight as a team, breath as a team and act like one. No tricking others no harmful pranks or you will be told to go home without another chance. This is your chance to make your parents proud, will you ?


    Name :

    Age :

    Parent (one Super Hero unless there is a couple in the comic)


    Limits (A real limit not a fake one)

    Personality :

    History (Optional)

    Crushes/Love interest


    Rules of Joining and of the school


    - Be respectful

    - Be kind

    - NO Bull shit on my joining thread

    - NO fighting allowed

    School rules

    In main stream classes, Math, english, mechanics, weapons and Historuy there shall be NO powers promitted in these classes. If a teacher finds you doing so you will have a detention and then you will be wareing an anti power braclet the next day go through classes no powers what so ever.

    Gym and Power class you may use your powers, but if the teacher or other students should feel you are using it to harm others too much you will be told to sit out and have a detention .

    NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN THE Security room without JARVIS or other secutirty officals allowing you in. If they find yo stealing anything from the room you will be sent home NO questions asked or argument.

    Th girls and boys shall be in seperate sleeping buildings, girls are forbidden in the boys building and boys are forbidden into girls unless you are approved by the head of the building and doors are left open in all rooms.

    YOU WILL SLEEP in seperate buildings if anyone is caught or found in another room by a passing guard you will be thrown out of school and parent sare told and you are expelled for three weeks.

    MY CHARACTERS (open)

    Name : Jarvis Stark
    Age : 24
    Parents : None he was created by Tony stark
    JOB : HEAD Commincation and HEAD of security
    Hacking expert - Hack anything he wishes to
    Attack and defense master- Knows how to attack a foe by looking at him for five seconds. He also knows how to keep others safe around him.
    Knows all forms of fighting styles- Up loaded and updates the files of fighting and still remains unbeat as a security personal
    Able to become one with things that use electricty- Can become one with Tech, flow through it and get out with no problem
    Most advanced intellegence life form- His mind always learning fles always updating he learns more every second then a human can in eighteen years
    Control tech with his mind - can control things that are metal, electric with his mind
    Decoding - he is the master at decoding any file given to him
    Expert senses of around the school - he will notice if something is off in the tower before anyone else
    Name recongintion, voice recognition , immune to illusions - he is able to recongize everyone by voice, name and his eye is impossible to trick with illusions.
    Virus can hurt him - Being part of the comptures at time he can get hurt by a virus if it leaks into him.
    Getting whiped clean - he can be whiped clean if the attacker knows how.
    Rain - Can't go out in the rain unless you want everyone electruted .
    Personality : Straight forward with things, can understand emotion just not use emotion. Can give very useful information to those who are hurt. He is more intellegent on matter of the knowldage of the universe of science and computer to anyone. He often is lacking emotion and seems to have a hard time shareing his feelings ti anyone he comes across and often hides his feeling in a file inside his body. he often makes sure if anyone breaks a rule he is often the one catching them and notifying the princeable to the action at hand
    History : WIP , the most anyone knows is he was sent to keep the school safe and the daughter of Tony Stark. Other then no one really know most of his past.
    Name : Ashley Stark
    Age : 18
    Parents : Tony Stark Pepper Potts
    JOvb , Student, Teacher of the mechanics class
    Powers / Ability :
    Has a greater mind for advanced learning and technical classess
    Amazing mechanic and help make better equipment for others to use
    Amazing fighter
    Limits (be real limits not like kicked in the groin and his powers short out XD. I have seen it happen before, No joke)
    Can't learn simple things easily
    Hates to rain and scared of thunder and lightning the most
    Will never abandon a friend
    Personality : A shy girl, always to herself at times but when around a friend she often has a funny personality and great love for everyone. She doesn't care though for great grades and will slack off in her classes at times but somehow she manages to stay in a good B+ range
    History (Optional) : will discover more and more
    Name : Tyson Lokison
    Age : looks 18
    Parents : Loki Laufeyson and Enchantress
    Powers / Ability :
    Advanced Magic
    Good hold of Ice and snow manipulation
    Good at making illusions
    Supernatrual condtion - Able to lift two sons over his head, run as a fast as a race car, can punch through a wall, Can jump from a very high building without getting very hurt.
    Limits (be real limits not like kicked in the groin and his powers short out XD. I have seen it happen before, No joke)
    Can't use magic for more then five minutes or will faint
    If use of magic is for five minutes or more he will be in bed for a day sick with a flue like bug
    He can't out trick Jarvis (which annoys him to no end)
    Personality : Shady fellow with little to give to others. he is very smart when he wants to let it show but often he can be a dick at times. he really means well and if he belives what he is doing is right he will never stray from the path he has choosen for himself, Shy and timid around others he doesn't really know at all.
    History (Optional) : Will be shown later
    Name : Derek Barton
    Age : 19
    Parents : Barton and Natasha
    Powers / Ability :
    -Excellent athlete
    -Skilled detective and tracker
    -Expert marksman and interrogator
    -Master acrobat,hand-to-hand combatant, martial artist, and gymnast
    -Abnormally superior athletic condition
    -Photographic reflexes and agility
    Limits (be real limits not like kicked in the groin and his powers short out XD. I have seen it happen before, No joke)
    He has bad long term fighting skills only can fight for few minutes very well but tires easily
    He hates bullies and will beat up anyone who acts that way
    He is loyal to all friends
    Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living, extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration, interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments, well-organized and hardworking, he works steadily towards identified goals, usually can accomplish any task once he has set his mind to it.
    History (Optional) Unknown

    Hero's children come into the world of the School and be your familes Legacy
  2. Anyone
  3. Would it be wrong if I had Loki's kid go here?
  4. I will be joining. How many characters are we allowed to have?

    Also: I wanted to suggest that you make a list of hero's who have been taken already, as well as by who, so that people know without scrolling through all the other forms first. Just a suggestion, though. ♥
  5. Another question: Are we allowed to have our parent's be from anywhere? Or is it strictly the participants of The Avengers/Marvel?
    Like, can we use DC characters, or even lesser known hero's like Stafire from Teen Titans (I'm not saying I want her as a parent, I'm just providing her as an example)?
  6. NING

    Name : David Erik Lehnsherr

    Age : 21

    Parent (one Super Hero unless there is a couple in the comic) magneto Mother Unknown

    Powers/Ability Elecrokinesis, magnetism control, can use it to control nearly all forms of metal, allow himself to levitate, amnd make a forcefield

    Limits (A real limit not a fake one)Cant fully control his electrokinesis, and his mental problems such as anger issues, bipolar, and depression

    Personality :Kind, smart, but has a cold heart, and wants to help humans but still is angered that they hate him even though he tried to help them
    History (Optional)Is the last Child of Erik Lehnsherr. He was raised as being the heir to the Brotherhood of Mutants but when his father was killed, he went to the place he knew he would be safe. Xavier's School, when he was 6. He learned to respect humans but deep down still believes his father may be right

    Crushes/Love interest none at the moment

  7. Color Ref: 02c8eb


    "I prefer to be called Jenna."
    . Jennifer Maria Hart .

    "Old enough to take care of myself."
    . 17 .

    "You don't care about my brothers too?"
    . Mother - Blink/Clarice Ferguson - Mutant - X-Men .
    . Father - Mark Hart - Human - Accountant .

    . Oldest Bother (22) - Theodore - Mutant - Bartender .
    . Older brother (19) - Axel - Human - Works on Cars .

    "I'm pretty much the same as my mom."
    . This is true. She is able to teleport by distorting spatial energy (she creates circles... portals, basically). However, because she is a second generation mutant, she has developed another skill all her own. This skill is the ability to Phase: Meaning, she can walk through object or even people .

    "My mom says the only limits I have are the ones I set for myself."
    . Unfortunately, this is untrue for Jenna. As far as teleportation goes she can only teleport to places within a one-mile radius at a time. Also, she can only hold a "portal", as she calls them, open for five minutes at a time. She may also only have two portals open at a time. For her ability to phase, her only limitation is that she cannot stay in her "phasing" state forever, or else she will faint. Her average time for staying in the phased state is ten minutes, though she is working to make it longer .

    "I like to think I'm pretty awesome."
    . Jennifer has always been insecure with herself. It has nothing to do with the way she looks- except for the marking on her body (see extra) contrary to popular belief. She mostly just seeks acceptance among her peers. Because of this, she is good at following orders, and can be easily manipulated. She's as hardworking as she is brave, and always keeps her promises. Jenna is very optimistic, and can often find something nice to say about everyone, even the most horrible villains. Although she can be very girly at times, she is also pretty tough. She is the kind of person who would tell a white lie rather than hurt someones feelings, and is very good with secrets. Sometimes she is too trusting, but that's only because she likes to see the good in others. Lastly, Jenna is extremely graceful and careful .

    "My life has been pretty boring up to this point."
    . Clarice Ferguson, Jennifers mother, was out in the town one summer afternoon. She had long since retired from being an x-men, and was now teaching as math class at Xaviers school. However, it was her day off, and she intended to enjoy it to the fullest. It was on this day the Clarice met Mark, at the spa. With a mask on her face and her hair in a towel, Mark had no idea what she truly looked like. They hit it off, exchanged numbers, and went their separate ways. For the longest time they texted each other, back and fourth, bond growing stronger. Mark kept wanting to see her again, but Clarice always found an excuse- she was afraid of him seeing her markings and running off. The whole time she had been talking to Mark she tried to keep it a secret from everyone else, but Storm caught on fast. One night while Clarice was in the shower, Storm stole her phone and set up a date with Mark. On the night of the date, Storm convinced Clarice to go to the town with her to go "shopping,"but as soon as they arrived at the restaurant storm left, and Mark was reunited with Clarice.

    As soon as Clarice realized this, she tried to teleport out of there, mortified. But Mark grabbed her hand before she could leave, and told her that he was not afraid. Clarice took a leap of faith- and things turned out better than she could have imagined. She ended up marrying Mark Hart, and they now live on campus at Xaviers school. It wasn't long before they had their first child, Theodore, who turned out to be a mutant like her. A few years later they had Axel, a human boy, and finally Jenna, another mutant.

    Jenna has spent her whole life at Xaviers school. She was lucky enough to be spared of the markings her mother has on her face, so she was able to go to town from time-to-time. She made friends- not easily, but she did. Her best subject has always been P.E, because Jenna is a very fit girl. She's always been extremely good at sports, which caused her to be very popular with the boys as she grew up. She never had a relationship, however, because her older brothers were always chasing the boys away.

    When Jenna received a letter from SHIELD, asking her to attend their new school, she was ecstatic. She had always wanted to go see some other part of the world, other than the one she grew up in. Her mother was very apposed to the idea (" You're already attending a perfectly good school for heroes, Jennifer. I don't see the point of shipping you off to another one someplace else. At least here you'll be surrounded by mutants like yourself. "), but after having a talk with Mark she agreed to let Jenna go .

    Crushes/Love interest:
    "Are... are you serious?"
    . N/A- for now .

    "I feel like we've covered everything."
    . She has markings like the ones on her mothers face, except for they are on her body. She has three on each of her shoulder blades, two on each of her forearms, two large ones on her lower back, and one on each of her hip bones .
    . Her markings are also purple .
    . Her hero name is Flicker- a synonym of her mothers hero name "Blink" .
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    "Everyone calls me Clary.."
    . Clarissa Riley Richards .

    "Perfectly Legal."
    . Lies, she's only 16 .

    "They're not so fantastic anymore, I can tell you that much."
    . Father - Mr. Fantastic - Reed Richards - Fantastic 4 .
    . Mother - Invisible Woman - Susan Storm - Fantastic 4 .

    "Mr. Fantastic + Invisible Woman = Me, basically."
    . Clary is pretty much her mother and her father molded into one. She has to ability to stretch, like her father. She also can create psionic force fields, create shock waves, and turn invisible. Unlike her mother, Clary is able to turn her clothes as well as other people invisible..

    "I like to think I have none."
    . Although her invisibility powers are more advanced as her mothers, it takes a great deal of concentration to turn other people invisible- and she has to be touching them at all times. The shock waves she creates, while powerful, are not very big- so if she doesn't aim well she is likely to miss her target. Also, Clary is not gifted with the ability of unlimited elasticity like her father. Instead, she can only stretch up to half a mile... which is still a lot, if you think about it. However, if she does decide to stretch that far, it causes migraines. .

    "I'm just like every other teenage girl."
    . Despite being the daughter of two great superhero's, Clarissa is extremely clumsy. If there is something on the floor, she will trip over it. She does, however, make up for this down fall with intelligence. She gets it from her father. She's a quick learner, and thinks fast on her feet. Clarissa has some issues with authority, being she hates to feel like she's being walked on, so she sometimes has difficulty taking orders from others. She believes she works better alone, and would be a solo hero if she could. She knows her limitations, but is always pushing herself to do better. Clary is very confident in who she is, and this results in her being very outspoken. She is very blunt, and hates beating around the bush so she usually gets right to the point. Also, she values honesty, and so she always the truth. Even if it hurts. Most people call her a bitch for this reason, but she likes to think that telling the truth is always better than telling even the smallest of lies- it always comes back to bite you. Clarissa is a independent individual, has trouble admitting she is wrong, and hates to show any weakness . Despite all of this, she loves to have fun, and can be a party girl when she wants to .

    "How bout you mind your own business?"
    Clarissa was born on July 22nd. Both her parents were very loving, and surprisingly good at raising her. She has been at the top of her class since she started school- and even skipped two grades in elementary. Even though she was always at least two yeas younger than all her peers, Clary generally got along with everyone. She's always been a social butterfly of sorts, and has never felt like she didn't belong.

    That is, until her powers came in.

    It started out with headaches- bad headaches. Agonizing. She'd miss school for days, cry until she passed out. This began two days after her thirteenth birthday, and went on until a week before her fourteenth birthday. The night that the headaches stopped was the night her powers truly came in. They probably would have devolved sooner, had she not taken so much medication for the awful headaches. She woke up one morning, completely invisible. It was quite a shock to the whole family, and once Clary finally figured out how to turn visible again they all agreed that they would tell no one, except uncle Johnny and The Thing.

    By day Clary was a normal school girl, who quickly got back into the feel of things now that her headaches weren't in the way. But as soon as she got home, she was a super like her parents. They helped her to learn how to control her powers- which was no easy task- and now they come almost naturally.

    Crushes/Love interest:
    "I don't see how that's any of your business."
    . N/A- for now .

    "That's about it."
    . Clary has a tuxedo cat, named Clyde .
    . As far as everyone else knows, Clary is just a normal girl. The family never told anyone except for Johnny and The Thing about her powers .
    . Up until her powers arrived, both of her parents never considered it a true possibility that she would have any .
    . She is an only child .
    . Her hero name is Shadow Walker (Shadow for short)- may change.
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  9. Clarissa Riley Richards - lets keep her streaching ability down to half a mile. Your on the school to learn your powers. Also I ask that you have one human.as a parent.

    Also for the girl that can phase. She can stay in her phase form for ten minutes. Keep open two portals at a time.
  10. Jayfeather you can make a kid of Thor. I am trying to keep it one person from each parent.
  11. ooo I'll Join
  12. Name : Ryan Blaze
    Age : 18
    Parent (one Super Hero unless there is a couple in the comic) : Ghost Rider, Human girl
    - Able to become a ghost rider when evil is near
    - Control hell fire (coat the chains he has with it) If ever touched with hell fire it will burn for weeks and even months
    - Chains (can make them appear when ever he feel like it to wrap around a foe. the chains can't be broken
    - Devil's Motorcyle - Able to reach speeds of 340MPH the firey morotcyle is able to out run things that trying to catch it. It can come to Ryan's aid and catch things on fire. It can also up up buildings it also seems to have a mind of its own.
    - Human resistance , can resist anything that is made from man thats a weapon, A gun, Bomb or Macien gun will not stop him, hurt him alot after he changes back but not effect him while in this form
    Limits (A real limit not a fake one)
    - tranformation into the ghost rider form is VERY VERY painful and often he will need few days to recover from tranforming into one after the job is done
    - Very weak to water at times but only ICE can truely stop him cold in its tracks , For a momment at least
    - He can go ona rampage and not tell friend from foe at times so be careful
    - he seeks out only the wrong doers, not all villians are so he might be a lone wolf at times. Hard to make friends
    Personality : Very cold at times with a flare of fire in his eyes. He often is very warm and his tempture for regular is 105 digrees. He often is alone and because of his warmth he often can't control his flames he can spark at any time.
    History (Optional) Father was Johhny Blaze the Ghist rider, he fell in love with a lady and passed on the genes of the ghost rider to his only son. Ryan has never become a ghost rider before it might all change now.
    Crushes/Love interest : Yet to find
    Regular form
    Ghost Rider form
  13. accepted
  14. Was I accepted or no?
  15. Name : Lilly Peterson
    Age : 17
    Parent (one Super Hero unless there is a couple in the comic) : Silver Surfer and a human
    - Able to wield Cosmic Powers (Stars, Black holes, Star dust, Meteors )
    - Able to be at a alarming great Condition of both flying and Pyschial form, (Able to lift a jet plane, Fly at SuperSonic speeds (she can reach the speed of 1,340 MPH for half an hour before blacking out , Able to flying through all layers of earth till space then must come down. Can run at speeds of 130 MPH and can kick at the force of 400 Pouds enough to crush the toughest steel in the world) Curse all of this comes at a price
    - She is able to absorb explosive blows to her body much like her father can melt a rocket into his surfboard. She can also store a massive amount of energy and release it
    - Has her own Silver Surfboard she rides on, its not able to be broken
    - Has Cosmic senses - Able to sense things from half way across the world but tends not to use it as it never applied to her ever.
    - her taste, smell, touch and hearing are advanced levels, she is able to hear twelve miles away, her taste can pick up alot of different things, her eye sight is better then hawkleyes and she can touch an object and feel everything else around it. (much like tougf in avenatr blind seeing)
    Limits (A real limit not a fake one)
    - At her condtion the flying power and speed can make her black out and she will stay blacked out for a day and then be back to normal.
    - Her body is made up of matter itself, there is no soul making her unperdictable and scary at times
    - She doesn't understand emotion of people so friends are nearly impossible to make.
    Personality : She is bland, un interested in the world but if you manage to get her to be interested you will see that she ever has a side to her hidden away from the world that will make you smile.
    History (Optional) : Her Father made a deal with the devil and she was born but her father had died. She was taken to an orphange and has stayed there , waiting for the day she would find her calling in the world.
    Crushes/Love interest : Erm.......What ?
  16. Yes Zero you are accepted ^_^

    Brea change what I ask of you and your character then shall be accepted
  17. Okay ^^ Somehow I forgot about Thor XD

    Name : Njord Thorson

    Age : Appears to 17

    Parent: Thor Odinson and Jane Foster

    Powers/Ability: Super strength and durability, wield lightening and thunder using Mjnölnir, 'fly' using Mjnölnir

    Limits: Njord can't wield Mjnölnir for more than ten minutes because he gets too cocky, he can't always summon thunder and lightening and when he does it's not strong enough to do any damage.

    Personality: Headstrong, arrogant, selfish, believes working in a team will hold him back.

    History: Born on Asgard Njord was taught how to fight for his world and the world of humans. Thor would often take him to New York where his mother, Jane now lives for she felt safer there knowing the Avengers where there. Thor told his son stories of the many adventures he had there and of the stories about his uncle's attack. But he told him about Loki's brave sacrifice (I'm gonna have Thor still believing his brother's gone). Njord enjoyed the stories as a child but as the years passed and he had gotten older with the knowledge of him being the son of a god and that he's nearly immortal all his power went to his head making him arrogant and stubborn, causing his father to question if Mjnölnir was right for him 'I fear giving him Mjnölnir would be like giving it to Loki' Thor often told Jane.
    Despite his fears he gave his hammer to his son on his 99th birthday (17 in mortal years) to his surprise Njord could wield it, giving the original thunderer hope, but over time he noticed his son was acting much like he had causing Mjnölnir to react negatively and not allow his son to wield it. Thor feared for his son and decided to send him to the School that will teach him to learn humanity.

    Crushes/Love interest: Open


  18. Alrighty Accepted.

    Tyson is going to have teaching his Cousion a lesson in true bravery and Courage
  19. Reed Richards and Susan Storm are a couple, though. In your form it says exactly this: "Parent (one Super Hero unless there is a couple in the comic)."

    I will make the other changes, however. Are the limits permanent, or is the school also helping students to advance in their abilities?
  20. The limits start to fade but it will take a lot of time and help from others to make your limits start to streach out more and more. you will always have limits as no one can be impossible to take down . Everyone has a limit and a weakness as well and those are not eraseable forever as they alwats have something that stop them.
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