Heros For hire (New Sifi group Rp)

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  1. Greetings o/

    I would like to share with you all my very first RP project, i have never truly attempted this and i hope everyone who views this thread will read up on my Rp's back story and show sum interest in applying

    I present to you!


    My friends is a sifi/fantasy Rp were the PCs play as members of a independent Starship that travel the galaxy doing Mercenary work

    In this Rp i give everyone the chance to offer ideas and suggestions, this is everyone's Rp, there is a little mod work on my behalf but thats only to maintain some peace and keep the flow going

    i ask of you to please check us out and consider it
  2. Hey! This looks pretty interesting. I wouldn't mind being a part of this, if you'd have me! (:
  3. Forgot to mention (thus bump)

    We recently updated the lore and added new factions to the listing

    Check it out!
  4. I'd be interested in joining if you're still "hiring"
  5. i would like to make a update to anyone reading this that we have been quickly expanded the lore of the universe allowing a wide variety of backgrounds for PCs to choose from

    At the same time we encourage anyone who does join to makeup their own lore and share it

    Please check out our front page and see for yourself
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.