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Hello there! My name is Hero and I've been roleplaying for 10 years! ( I know, a very long time hahaha) but here's just what I'm looking for and what I roleplay, and I hope to find some new long-term roleplay partners!

A Few Rules and what I'm looking for:

-I'm a pretty descriptive writer so I can write about 6 paragraphs per character. I also do include gifs or images for the characters and hope you could do the same as well.
-Please try to keep the responses equal, I've had it happen too many times where I'll write seven paragraphs for my partner's crush and they give me one in response. It's not fair so please keep that in mind.
-No Mary or Gary sue's please and no getting hurt all the time, that's not fun for anyone.
-Share the drama please! Drama is fun and we all love it in different ways, but share it alright?
-I do not do Canon x Canon so do not ask me to please.
-I mostly do FxM pairings as I'm no good doing FxF or MxM, I've tried and I also don't want to offend anyone if I do something wrong.
-I also mostly double up for rps, but if not I will only play the female side.
-I am looking for a long-term partner who will hopefully not ghost me and will contribute ideas to our storylines
-If we are doing a storyline where we have OC x OC then I will be making my own crush, you will make your own, and we will play each other's crushes for each other (you play mine, I play yours) because I know what I like and I'm sure you know what you like so it just makes it less complicated.
-I do mostly roleplay fandoms with OC x Canon, but if you want to do an OC x OC for a fandom that's totally fine, just so long as you play my canon crush for me to make it fair.
-I am fine with mature themes but we must discuss what we are an are not okay with and please don't be offended if I don't want to do something, okay?
-I am on here quite a lot, but I am a senior college student with a lot of assignments so just be patient with me and I'll try to give updates as much as possible, and I hope you do the same.
-I love OOC chat in pms so I highly encourage it, especially if we want to talk about ideas.
-I only roleplay in threads and I will start if you ask me, but sometimes I am busy and will ask you to start if I can't.
-You can also suggest your own storylines if you wish and I have some plots I'm currently craving with no written-out storyline that you can also suggest as well.
-If you've made it this far please post down below if you are interested and what you are interested in roleplaying with me!

Currently Craving:
Enemies to Lovers Plot
Fruits Basket
Devils Line
Alpha x Omega Plot
Famous Person x Non-Famous Person
Vampire x Human (Or can be replaced by any other supernatural creature if wanted) Plot
Prince/Princess x Knight Plot
Supernatural (The tv show)
Assassin x Assassin Plot
Lord/Lady x Sorceror/Sorceress Plot


Fruits Basket:
Crush: Kyo
Status on Watching: Completed

Ouran High School Host Club:
Crush: Hikaru
Status on Watching: Completed

Code: Realize {Guardian of Rebirth}:
Crush: Lupin
Status on Watching: Completed

3D Kanojo Real Girl:
Crush: Tsustui
Status on Watching: Completed both seasons

Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits:
Crush: Ogre God
Status on Watching: Completed

Darling in the Franxx:
Crush: Hiro
Status on Watching: Completed

Bungou Stray Dogs:
Crush: Osamu Dazai
Status on Watching: Season 2 Episode N/A

Grancrest Senki:
Crush: Theo
Status on Watching: Completed

Kamisama Hajememashita:
Crush: Tomoe
Status on Watching: Completed

Soul Eater:
Crush: Death The Kid
Status on Watching: Completed

Devils Line:
Crush: Yuki Anzai
Status on Watching: Completed

Special A:
Crush: Kei Takashima
Status on Watching: Completed

Ghost Hunt:
Crush: Naru aka Kazuya Shibuya
Status on Watching: Completed

Skip Beat!:
Crush: Ren Tsuruga
Status on Watching: Completed

Crush: Ren
Status on Watching: Completed

Fairy Tail:
Crush: Natsu Dragneel
Status on Watching: Seen up to where they were on the island for seven years.

The Rising of the Shield Hero:
Crush: Naofumi Iwatani
Status on Watching: Completed

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!
Crush: Gerodo Stuart
Status on Watching: Completed season 1 and 2

Crush: Izumi Miyamura
Status on Watching: Completed

Red Data Girl:
Crush: Miyuki Sagara
Status on Watching: Completed

Crush: Kazuya Kujo
Status on Watching: Completed

Darwin's Game:
Crush: Kaname Sudou
Status on Watching: Completed

Chivalry of a Failed Knight
Crush: Ikki Kurogane
Status on Watching: Completed

N Dota: Dragon's Blood
Crush: Davion
Status on Watching: Completed

Crush: Toshizo Hijikata or Souji Okita
Status on Watching: Completed

Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut
Crush: Lev Leps
Status on Watching: Completed

Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess
Crush: Takuma
Status on Watching: Completed


X-Men Animated:
Crush: Scott Summers
Status on Watching: Completed

Teen Titans:
Crush: Robin
Status on Watching: Completed

Avatar: The Last Airbender:
Crush: Zuko
Status on Watching: Completed


Gilmore Girls:
Crush: Logan
Status: Completed

Crush: Merlin
Status: Seen up to the beginning of Season 2

Once Upon a Time:
Crush: Killian Jones
Status: Seen up to season 6

H2O: Just Add Water:
Crush: Zane Bennett
Status: Completed

Crush: Dean
Status: Seen up to Season 9 Episode 17

My Mad Fat Diary:
Crush: Finn
Status: Completed

Buffy The Vampire Slayer:
Crush: Spike
Status: Seen up to Season 2 Episode N/A

Crush: Chandler Bing
Status: Completed

Miracle Workers:
Crush: Craig, Chauncley, Ezekiel
Status: Completed


Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children:
Crush: Jacob Portman
Status: Watched Never read

Harry Potter:
Crush: Harry Potter
Status: Watched and Read

Crush: Edward Cullen
Status: Watched but never read

Percy Jackson:
Crush: Percy Jackson
Status: Watched and read a long time ago

Crush: Ben
Status: Watched all 3 movies


BxG (Any storyline):
Crush: Depends

Crush: Jensen Ackles

Anime BxG (Any Storyline):
Crush: Depends

1.) A bad boy thinks he's the hottest guy around. He's what they call a player or a heart breaker. All he does is uses girls for sex. But what happens when there's a new girl in school? She's sweet, innocent, and very smart. She can see past his crazy good looks and will not take a moment to even THINK about dating him. But he wont give up so easily. He does everything he can to make the girl like him. Will he fall in love & get sensitive? or will go through all this trouble to use her like the rest?

2.) She was the girl who never got boyfriends ; she thought she looked pretty average and she was just decent at everything but only one person that she was spectacular - her older brothers best friend. He was only a year older than her , but he admired her from afar - never doing anything with his feelings but keeping them deep down inside of him ; until the night of a masquerade ball where everyone is wearing masks and he tries his luck with her ; in disguise. She falls for the mystery guy hard, but he doesn't think she is going to like who he actually is.

3.) It was summer time and you were a camp counselor with your best friend. You two both being virgins and were surrounded by hot counselors. One night you connected with one of them and just hung out and talked for the longest time. Then you two started "dating" and you were both super happy. Though soon summer ended and you had to say goodbye. Once school started then you saw each other and were over joyed, but then you saw how each other was different now. Will you make it through? Or will the relationship crumble knowing that this is who you thought you loved really is?

Muse A is on a weekend camping trip with friends in the mountains. They spend the first afternoon exploring the gorgeous scenery, walking the trails and carving new paths near their campsite. One spot in particular catches Muse A's attention, a cave. The group peek their heads inside, but are reluctant to go further without their flashlights and drag Muse A along back to camp with empty promises that they will return the following day. Muse A has dinner with their friends, but is unable to get their mind off of the interesting discovery. After the group has gone to bed, Muse A decides to sate their unwavering curiosity, grabbing a flashlight and a bottle of water to head out to the site of the cave.
Muse A feels increasingly lightheaded the deeper they delve into the cavern, but they press on. The feeling eventually overwhelms Muse A and they reach out to steady themselves on the cave's interior wall, waiting for the sickening sensation to pass. When Muse A is again clearheaded, they turn back to leave the damp, dark space and head back down the short trail to camp. Muse A is shocked to discover they cannot find the tents or any sign of the fire that had been burning brightly at the site. Panic sets in as they frantically retrace their steps. They work in slow circles trying to find their friends and calling out, but there is no answer. Exhausted, Muse A sits down and falls asleep.
Muse B is in the midst of their morning routine when they come upon a sleeping Muse A. Startled by their unusual clothing and appearance,

(Now, what if she wakes up in another world where there is a war between supernatural species. We decided if MUse A has any powers or not. What if Muse B imprints on Muse A and takes her into his little family that consists of four of his friends. Maybe our Muses could be friends and travel togather. If that happens then the other girl finds her mate too. -obviously she cant understand it since she is a human- Anyways, their mates could maybe play an important role to the war that we can figure out together :) We will decide together what kind of mythical creatures the guys are. I dont mind. ) (Credit goes to Acalacia)

5.) Spilt Coffee : Muse A was always in a hurry, never stopping to look at their surroundings or even take a breath. There was always so much work to be done, so little time to do it. Muse A was the best in their field, mostly due to his lack of social life. On their morning coffee run, in the same rush as they always are- they were slowed down... The coffee in his hand was pushed into his shirt, loosening the lid for the hot liquid to splash onto his white shirt. As normal Muse A was still in a rush but now he was also slightly pissed off. Looking up at the girl whose body had caused the scene to unfold - the world stopped. His rushing world... stopped. (Credit goes to Mondays)

6.) Not What I Expected...
[ OC ] sits in a restaurant, waiting patiently for their date to come. It went from five minutes to ten minutes, to an entire half hour, yet [ OC ] still convinces the waiter that their date is coming. Everyone around knows the truth, and even the waiter. As [ OC ] is about to leave, [ Crush ] sits down in the empty seat. "Sorry I'm late, babe! Traffic was horrible!" Surprised, [ OC ] just stares at [ Crush ]. They weren't their date at all. [ Crush ] then leans over to [ OC ], a hint of a smile on their lips. "My name's [ Crush ]. Just go along with this." They say, and the "date" commences. The two chat, laugh and get to know each other. Once the "date" is over and [ Crush ] and [ OC ] leave the restaurant, [ Crush ] asks [ OC ] on a real date. (Credit goes to əızpəʞ on hiatus )

7.) Three Years Later: Muse A is the daughter of a selfish and abusive duke. He does not care for her and treats her like scum and not even as a person. One day he tells her that she is going to be married to a knight (Muse B) and that if she doesn't make the marriage work and she had to come back to him, he would kill her. So the day of the wedding Muse A meets Muse B for the first time, they don't speak a word to each other except when responding to the priest. Muse A finds Muse B strong and scary looking, fearing that they might turn out to be the same as their father, they are quite afraid of them. After the wedding, it is time for their first night together as a married couple. Muse A is nervous as it is their first time, but Muse B is confident and strong and insists that they enact their married couple duties, so they sleep together. The next morning Muse A wakes up and see's Muse B is gone, only to find out they're off to war for the kingdom and doesn't know when they'll return. Three years go by and they return to fetch Muse A and bring them to their land, coming back as a hero for defeating their enemy head-on and rumors have spread that the king offered a proposal to Muse B for the princesses hand in marriage. Will Muse B still want to be with Muse A? What will the future hold for Muse A and Muse B? (Based on the Webtoon comic Under the Oak Tree)

8.) Muse B is a known player of the school and comes from a wealthy family. Fucking around with any girl that came onto him and giving a score to his friends of how great the sex was. One day Muse B comes to school and hears a lot of talk about a new student (Muse A) coming to school and all his friends talking about her. Then as if on cue he sees her walking by. She was fucking gorgeous and had an amazing body. His friends notice him looking at her and they smirk making a bet with him. They bet that he couldn't get into the new girl's pants by Prom. If he did then he'd get the choice of any one of their cars, but if he lost then he would have to give up his own car for them to do whatever they wanted to with it. Muse B was never one to back down from a challenge so he accepted it. But there was a catch, he'd have to give them photographic proof that he had fucked her. As he spent more time getting to know Muse A and being around her, trying to seduce her in any possible way, he started to actually fall for her, not just for how she looked now. And one day when they were alone he kissed her, but that was all and she returned the kiss. After that, they'd go off and make out with each other, and each time they did the make-out sessions would get hotter than the previous one, making it even harder for him not to tear off all her clothes and take her for his. He didn't want to lose the bet, even though now he had no intention of sleeping with anyone else but her. But then he took her to a party as sort of their first official date, and his drunk friend walked up to Muse A and told her about the bet.

9.) Muse A has spent 16 years without a boyfriend/girlfriend or any friends. They've been this way ever since they were in 2nd grade when the class pet died and who they thought were their friends, blamed them for it when it was really their fault. One day, the most popular person in their school Muse B, has a run-in with Muse A, which ends up with Muse A injuring Muse B for something that Muse B's friend did. And for some reason, Muse B takes a liking to Muse A and one-sidedly claims that they're friends, even making Muse A take their number. Muse A ponders as to why Muse B is so insistent and tells themselves that they'll never call them. However, one day after Muse A was walking home from their job, a person who frequents their workplace started to follow them. This makes Muse A really anxious so they walk into the nearby convenience store just to see if the person was truly following them or not, and sure enough they're waiting outside the convenience store and not leaving. Muse A tries calling their mother and father but neither pick up the phone, so the only other option they can think of is to call Muse B. They call Muse B, sounding panicked and scared making Muse B leave to go to where Muse A is and help them. Muse B gets to the convenience store and listens to Muse A, before wrapping an arm around them and walking out of the convenience store. The person following them looks at Muse A and asks who the hell this person is, asking if they're their boyfriend/girlfriend, and then suddenly Muse B says Muse A's name, that they love them, and then kisses them!

10.) As assistants to the co-CEOs of a (whatever you want) company Muse A and Muse B sit across from each other every day - and they hate each other. Not dislike. Not begrudgingly tolerate. H-A-T-E. Muse A can't understand Muse B's joyless, uptight approach to his job and refusal smile, which is in stark contrast to her own personality of people-pleasing and quirkiness. Trapped in a shared office 5 days a week, they've become entrenched in an addictive, ridiculous never-ending game of one-upmanship. Muse A can't let Muse B beat her at anything - especially when a huge new promotion to be managing director is up for grabs. They strike up a deal that whoever does not get the promotion they must quit. But as tensions reach boiling point and an innocent elevator ride turns into a steamy kiss with Muse B, Muse A begins to realize just how fine a line there is between love and hate. (This is a storyline based off the book and movie The Hating Game)​

Hero Aria Wolf
"It's none of my business what people think of me"

Hero sat in the back of the Impala as Dean drove them towards Toledo, Ohio for another case. She was also asleep in the backseat with her head resting against the cold window of the car. She was pretty exhausted from their last case dealing with a demon who liked to crash planes into the ground. But in the end, they got through it and exorcised the demon, and saved the lives of those on the plane with them. When Dean parked that's when she woke up, yawning and stretching as best as she could from being in the same position in the car for hours. It took her a moment before she realized where they were and it made her wonder what Dean was thinking about how this would go down and who'd be going into the morgue. Once he woke up Sam and the both of them went out of the car, Hero was about to get out when Dean told her to go get them a hotel room and then meet them back here. She sighed and crawled up into the driver's seat and rolled down the window to speak to him. Well more like tease him.

"Awe how sweet, Dean Bean is trying to shield little old me from seeing a dead man, you do know I've seen worse things than a man with no eyes, right?" she teases him with a sly smirk on her face. She loved teasing him, that was kind of how their relationship was. Teasing, playfully flirting, and overall just being best friends. She knew what he was doing and she did think it was sweet of him to consider her in seeing a dead guy with no eyes, but she has seen much worse than that. Hell, she saw her parents ripped to shreds when she was 10, and nothing could beat that. But that's how Dean was, always protecting those who he cared about with every fiber of his being. It's one of the many things she loved about him. "I'll be back soon, try not to get into too much trouble while I'm gone alright?" she says to them before turning the key in the ignition and driving away to the nearest motel she could find. She walked into the lounge where the front desk was and asked for a room with two beds. Most of the time the boys slept together in the same bed and Hero got one all to herself, but lately, Dean would sleep with her only because Sam tossed and turned due to his nightmares.

Once Hero got the keys to the room she lugged all their stuff into the room setting the bags down on one of the beds. Taking her chance to have some time to shower and revitalize herself she hopped into the shower. Afterward, she walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her and looked at the paper that Dean had been holding and looking at while they were parked outside the morgue and saw that the funeral was happening today at the man's house where his two daughters would be accepting condolences. Immediately she snapped her fingers and was now dried and dressed before grabbing the keys to the Impala and driving back to the morgue to pick up the boys and take them to the man's house to try and figure out what happened to him. Little did she know, when she got there, there would be another hunter with the boys, a female hunter.

Sam William Winchester

"It doesn't matter what you are...It matters what you do"

Sam was almost asleep the entire ride to Toledo. He hadn't been getting much sleep if any due to his numerous nightmares. Nightmares about Jess, and always the same one. With him lying on their bed in their apartment, asleep before getting awoken by drips of blood falling down onto his face. Then he wakes up and sees Jess on the ceiling in pain asking him why before blue flames engulf her. He was startled awake by Dean calling his name and shaking him. "I was having another nightmare," He tells Dean rubbing his eyes before looking around at where they were. Once they got out of the car he smirked at Hero and Dean's conversation before watching her drive off in the Impala. "You know you can't always shield her from the gruesome stuff, and if you keep doing it, I'm sure she'll make you pay for it," Sam teases his older brother as they head inside.

Inside the morgue Sam let Dean do all the talking trying to convince the mortician to let them see the body. He had to pull Dean slightly away when he started getting pissed at the guy and then he took out his wallet and bribed the guy with the money Dean won in poker. It wasn't like his brother was going to use it for any reasonable purchase so why not use it this way? They were led to the body, asking questions as they looked at the poor guy whose eyes were just gone and blood was dripped down the sides of his face from where his eyes would be. Then all of a sudden they hear a voice of a girl speaking to them as if she knew them. But Sam had never seen this girl before, if he had he would have definitely remembered her. For she was quite a beautiful girl. "I'm sorry, but you knew we had to get here as soon as possible before we head back to Columbus to finish our paper," he says playing along with the strange girl, but there was one thing he knew for sure. She was also a hunter.

When they finished looking at the body he discussed with Dean quietly what could have possibly killed the guy. But he noticed that the girl was still following them and even followed them outside the morgue which made them stop. "Any ideas as to what we're hunting here fellow hunter?" he asks turning around to face the girl and giving her a small smile. It was obvious she was one, otherwise, she would have totally blown their cover as not real med students but she played along, something a hunter would do. "I'm Sam Winchester, and this is my brother Dean, looks like you caught on to whatever we did, what's your name?" He asks her as he sticks his hands in his jacket pockets. He didn't know what or why but there was something about this girl that intrigued him. Now he was by no means over losing Jess and he wouldn't be for a very long time, but it was intriguing to meet another hunter who was female besides Hero. That's when Hero pulled up in the Impala dressed in black clothes, telling them that the funeral for the guy was being held today and they should go. He turned to look at the girl. "Why don't you come with us? It'd be better to work together on this if we're going to keep bumping into each other don't you think?" he asks her.