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  1. Who's your favorite superhero and why?
  2. [​IMG]

    Spawn. He's edgy as hell, and 90's as hell, and I love him for both of those things. :ferret:
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  3. [​IMG]

    There has never been to me, a more compelling comic character. Nor do I fear, will I ever find one. A seemingly normal bloke, who spends his life in the shitter while doing magic. Who over 30 years aged, lost, and suffered. Who's story is so fucking nuanced and whos creator is Alan Moore, and who's writers read like a list of the "best of the best" in comics.

    He counts as a superhero becouse after the killed the Hellblazer comics, he lead Justice League Dark in New 52 verse. Although that version had none of the gritty, bloody charm of the original.
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  4. Deadpool - Because He's not a super all powerful boy scout alien who dies by an exposure to a dumb green super rare rock yet everyone seems to have in stock. He's just a Merc who's payed to do things, sometimes be a hero or sometimes kick Captain America in the nuts. Given the right writer, Deadpool can easily be a surprisingly well developed, deep character. Just don't give him back to Daniel Way. Pls. by the love of god never .-.

    There's a lot more I love, but Deadpool for me is above most of them.
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  5. I like heroes best when they are in teams (bigger teams, like 4 people at least, not just a sidekick.) I don't particularly like superheroes when they work alone or with one other person, and I never really get one favorite o_o I always like them as a team. I'm more for super villains. They're the fun ones :D

    I think Raven from teen titans (cartoon, not comics) is the closest I have to a stand alone favorite. I like her even without her being part of the team, and that's extremely rare for me o_o Wolverine (x-men movies, cartoons and games. Not comics) is another one I really like even without the team, but I really do prefer him in the team, while with Raven it doesn't really matter to me. I love her anywhere at any time.

    -Now sits down to wait for the super villain thread-
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  6. [​IMG]

    Tom Strong.
  7. Deadpool, baby! He realizes how ridiculous the idea of people running around in tight neon coloured spandex while brooding and being uber serious is and his comics are almost always hilarious. Hell, the last comic I had had the multiverses of Deadpools killing each other, including things like Pandapool, Dinosaurpool, and Galactuspool. Best thing ever.
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  8. Batman :3

    Mainly because of the Dark Knight movies, but that line is also hilarious.

    Though there are also some follow ups.

    (I know, not a superhero movie with that one. But I couldn't resist).

    In both cases it's honestly really the actors that make it.
    Robert Downey Jr and Hugh Jacksman just pull them off so well. :3
  9. I like Iron Man :3
    I like his sass and that there's no superpower, just brains and technology
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  10. HELLO!

  11. Tom Strong <3
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  12. Hi?
  13. Setback


    Why? Because sometimes when life throws you lemons, Dr. Stinson might be able to make them into Grenades! Or....you know you might squirt yourself in the eye when you try to make lemonade.......that too.....

    (also his powers revolve around bad luck and he's ADORABLE)
  14. Dirty Harry.
    He may not be a super hero, but he's a damn hero in my book.

    And Batman.
  15. Could I seriously choose anyone but Rorcshach?


    A violent vigilante with a black and white view of morality. Neglected and abused as a child, he took up a profession of crime-fighting alongside other vigilantes. They all moved on, either stopped because of new laws or joined the government, all except him. Then, one night, he tracks the kidnapping of a young girl to a slum, only to find that a dress-maker had butchered her and fed the girl to his dogs. He killed them, then light the man on fire, that night the man behind the mask died, and Rorcshach was born.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Squirrel girl without a doubt in my mind.

    Before anyone objects or suggests that this post is a satire, let me remind anyone that this chick defeated Thanos.


    I rest my case.

    He's a anarchist who wrote that song because fucking amazing (avoiding spoilers). The endings incredible (A bit different from the movie).

    Oh also anyone from Nextwave.


    Cannot even comprehend what you're looking at! It's like a bunch of artists got together to OutDeadpool, Deadpool.
  18. Dumb. Jk, I keep forgetting to torrent purchase those comics with my own hard-earned, honest legal US tender.

    I have two.

    Fury Max's Nick Fury. A grizzled, hard living, hard cussing, always-angry Nick Fury that literally disgusted Stan Lee.


    And the Punisher because he punishes. I respect Batman for what he does but you have to stop and think what fucking use you are if the people you fight are repeat offenders because of you.

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  19. What about the one where he kills all of the Marvel Universe?
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