Heroism and Heartbreak at Hogwarts

Fiona felt her eyelids flutter, her mind beginning to drift off. The fire was close to dead when she saw, through her sub-conscious state, a puff of smoke come out of it. She woke, out of her daze and sat up as a soot-covered owl landed on her bed. She took the letter and recognized Sean's writing immediately. After reading it over, Fiona wrote a note back, her stomach in knots.

"When and where?"

She tied the letter back on the, obviously un-enthused, owl. Fiona sent it back up the chimney, and waited, fully awake now.
Sean paced back and forth, waiting for his Owl, Dusty, to return. About twenty to thirty minuted later a soot covered Dusty flew in through the slightly ajar window. his normally brown and chestnut colored feathers were now a blackened mess. He stared at Sean as if to say " Is that ALL>???" Sean, however, was in to much of a hurry to pay much attention to him and grabbed the note, it read.

When and where?

Sean smiled and quickly wrote his response.

Tomorrow, at the astronomy tower.

Sean, quickly reattached his note and sent his owl off to do what Dusty hoped would be his last trip for the night.
Dusty squawked as Fiona caught him in midair, as he flew out of the fireplace. She took the note and read it as Dusty settled on the other side of the bed, trying to put his feathers back in place.

Fiona smiled as she wrote her response.

"My class is over at 10."

She folded the note up and attempted to coax Dusty back toward her. "Come on...one last run?" She smiled and held out one of Flex's treats for the owl. It seemed to work as he slowly walked toward her. Once he was in arm's length, Fiona held her hand out flat so that he could climb onto it. "Sorry about earlier. Won't happen again." She said, tying the note to Dusty's leg. "Alright. Go on. No more flying tonight." The Owl took off up the chimney again and she laid back down.

She felt something crawl onto her chest, and she heard a familiar chitter. "Jealous, Flex?" Fiona smiled and handed him a treat, too. The rat looked satisfied and climbed next to her head and onto her pillow as she drifted off into sleep.
By the time Sean got the message he was half way through his History of magic homework. Dusty landed by the window as Sean jumped up to open it.

"Alright, then Dusty?" The Owl let out a low hoot and flew off towards the Owlery as soon as Sean took the note from his leg. Ten oclock, thought, Sean. He would be free from 9 till after lunch, so it was perfect.

Tired from the day and all its rampant running emotion, Sean decided to put his homework off until tomorrow after noon and climbed into bed. As he lay there in the dark staring up at the celling, all he could see was that gorgeous red hair and that smile. Fiona's smile was by far her best feature, in Seans opinion. Even just thinking about it brought a smile to his own face. It was pointless for him to deny it any longer he had fallen and fallen hard.
Fiona sat in the astronomy tower, staring out the window, waiting for Sean. A couple of birds flew around outside, flying in sync, twisting and twirling about in a romantic dance. She wished she could be like that. Free to do what she wanted, when she wanted. Free to fall in love with who she wanted to. As Fiona continued to watch the birds, her mind wandered to Sean. They should have never happened. For some reason though, it felt like her soul had found it's counterpoint in another. And that other was Sean.
Sean sat through what had to be the longest History of magic class of his life. Seriously, the connection between a Wizard that lived over 200 years ago and modern day wizarding life was lost to Sean, as it is to most 17 year old boys with one thing on their minds. Finally the bell sounded and sean gathered his things and headed out the door. The astronomy tower wasn't far, but in order to get there without being seen, Sean would have to get creative. He dropped his things off and walked quickly down the long winding stairs. After reaching the first floor he turned quickly towards the east wing, hurrying by a group of first year boys all gathered around a slightly outdated Nibus 2001. Sean quickly flashed back on his first year and how excited he had been about everything to do with Quiddich. The thought, however quickly left his mind as he came to the stairs that would lead up to the Astronomy tower. He shot a quick glance to either side, ensuring that no one was a round, then headed up the stairs.

Over the last few hours leading up to their meeting, Sean had gone over everything he wanted to say to her, but as soon as he saw her there his mind went blank. She was beautiful, and her beauty had a way of clouding Sean's thoughts so all he could manage to say was just that:

"You look Beautiful."
Fiona blushed and smiled as she turned around to face Sean.

"Thanks..." she said softly, walking closer to to him. She grabbed his hands and held onto them, looking into his eyes. She looked away before getting too lost in them, and presented a question they both were thinking.

"How are we going to make this work?"
Sean looked back into her eyes. Although it was only a few seconds before she responded it seemed like at least a month ( heheh ) . A light breeze picked up, bringing with it a lite chill. Sean pulled Fiona closer to him, wrapping his arms around the small of her back. He knew exactly what she meant, It was hard to talk about, but in truth, It would be near impossible for them to ever really be together.

" Baby." Not knowing exactly why he had called her that, but knowing it felt right " I have hopelessly fallen for you, There is nothing I can do about that. Just meeting you here took a lot of guts for me." He paused thinking about his next words "Just don't be surprised when I make this work, I do some crazy things sometimes.....I'm not known for being a rational guy when it comes to love."
Fiona subcumbed to Sean pulling her closer. She laid her head on his shoulder and squeezed a little.

"Don't do anything too crazy though." Fiona said into Sear's shoulder. "I don't want anything to happen to either of us."
Sean loved the way her body felt when it was close to his. Her hair smelt like candy and sunshine, as crazy as that sounded, but it was true!

" I promise nothing bad will happen." Sean lightly kissed the top of her head then said "I won't let anything bad happen."

Just then, and it couldn't have come at a worse time, Sean thought he heard the sound of footsteps came up the walkway. Sean quickly pulled away and listened.

"I think someones coming."
Fiona quickly backed against the wall and pulled her wand out. If they couldn't stop the person from seeing what was going on, she could at least bully them into shutting their mouths. Fiona was a Slytherin after all. One love affair couldn't mess with that fact.

She looked at Sean and put a finger to her mouth, indicating that he should be quiet. She snuck along the wall to the side of the door and waited for the person to get closer. It sounded like a student. Once they were almost inside the door, she turned to face them and put her wand to their throat. The person's hood was up so they couldn't see who it was.

"And you are?" Fiona asked, reverting back to her Slytherin persona.
Sean, still feeling nothing short of pure adoration for Fiona, was a little surprised to see her take hold of the situation so dominantly. He was surprised, but at the same time impressed. He liked girls who could not only take care of themselves, but also know when to take the lead.

The hooded figure was shaking, obviously scared by the wand against his throat. Sean couldn't see his face, but when he spoke he right away who it was.

"I...I...I....I'm just sending an owl to my Gram, thats all." Sean took in a sigh of relief, knowing it was Neville Longbottom. As soon as that breath was released, however, it was instantly replaced with fear. How would he explain why he was alone....at the owlery...at night...with a Slythern!

It was all happening so fast, and then this! He would have to think fast if he was going to get out of this. He knew what his next move was, however if Fiona took it the wrong way she may leave him.

Sean raised his want and shouted,
"Petrificus Totalis!" Fiona said, almost immediately after Sean's assault. As Neville's body came to a halt, she walked over to his hand and knelt down next to him.

"Now. You are not going to say a WORD about Sean and I meeting here. If you do, I can make your pathetic life even more miserable, and you know I can," She grabbed the letter out of his hand and handed it to Sean. "Sean will send out your letter. When the effects wear off, go back to your common room."

She stood up and walked back over to Sean. "We better get out of here," She said.
Sean felt sorry for Neville, he was already jumpy enough, the last thing he needed was to be frozen atop the owlery in the middle of the night. Sean grabbed his letter and patted him on the shoulder.

"You'll be alright buddy" He said to Neville 's frozen body as he took the letter to his Owl. Sean started thinking again that it may be an impossibility for he and Fiona to ever be together, but as soon as he came down the stairs and saw her beautiful red hair shinning in the moon light he realized; he would do near to anything to make it happen.

He decided that since they were going their separate ways for the night he had to leave her with something to remember him by. The moon had just crested the sky and was making its upward incline to the top f the sky, the air was crisp and refreshing, and there was was just a slight breeze. Sean dropped his hood and walked up to Fiona, his eyes looking deep into hers, then he moved his body close to hers again and kissed her.
A tingle went up Fiona's spine, similar to the first time they kissed. She pushed her body up against his and deepened the kiss. She couldn't let him go so easily. Fiona could already tell that she was developing some real feelings for Sean.

She reluctantly pulled away, leaving Sean going in for another kiss. He looked confused, once he realized that she wasn't returning the kiss.

"We have to go," Fiona said, holding his hands. "When can we meet again?"
Sean, with his eyes still closed, quickly recovered once he realized Fiona had stepped back. He was often getting caught in the moment, wanting that next kiss more than anything. He knew she was right though, they had better leave before the spell wore off and Neville was free. Sean clenched as he thought about Neville, what the hell was he going to tell him? Sean let go of her hand after giving it one more squeeze.

" I have Quidditch practice tomorrow after Potions, then I should probably study after that. I might be in the library during the evening though"

He took one last look at Fiona and hurried down the stairs, taking care to watch for any approaching students. He made his way back to the common room, and to his delight, found it empty. Sean's heart was pounding in his chest, he hadn't felt like this for so long. It was almost like something new to him, although he had been in love several times before. He shook his head and thought about how he really needed to get his priorities in check. Sean had trouble trusting since his last relationship, so he didn't want to give into Fiona as much as his heart wanted him to. With thoughts of his past relationships on his mind he went to sleep, awaiting the moment until he was alone with Fiona again.
Fiona woke reluctantly, having to be rid of her dreams filled with thoughts of Sean. She sat up, stretched, and rubbed her eyes. She looked at the clock. 8 AM. She signed and laid back down. It would be evening before she could see him again. Well...technically she would see him in potions and on the quiddich field, but that was different.
Sean made it back to his room, taking care not to be noticed by anyone. His robes flew behind him as he ran up the stairs to the Gryffindor common room. Hopefully everyone would be asleep, but as Sean gave the password to the fat lady and entered the room that was not the case. Sitting by the roaring fire was Seamus and he was waist deep in his potions book.

"Evening Sean." Said a tired sounding Seamus, hardly looking up at all.

"Evening." Said Sean Relived that he was not questioned.

Without another word, Sean walked up to his room and quickly jumped into bed. However once there he found that sleep would not come. Somehow, Fiona had managed to get into his brain. She was different in a way that made Sean's heart beat furiously. It was obvious and apparent, to him at least, he was in Love. Sean just wondered how long he could hide from everyone else, even more than that....how long he would be able to.

After changing sides several times Sean finally feel asleep. If he had any dreams he wasn't aware of them and before he knew it the early dawns light was breaking in the sky and creeping across the floor to his bed. HE blinked a few times then rolled out of bed. The day would be long. First it was history of magic then Potions. After that, If Sean was lucky, he would be meeting with Fiona in the Library. Hopefully they would have time to talk a bit before they became rivals on the Quidditch pitch. The fact that they were from different houses, different upbringing, and different mind sets only made Sean want her more.